Enhancing service delivery through e-Governance

Jul 8, 2012


By: Abeer Fawaeer, UNDP Iraq

Under the auspices of the Minister of Science and Technology, UNDP and the e-Governance Ministerial Steering Committee held a three-week workshop on “Transferring Knowledge, Developing and Implementing Quick-Win Pilot e-services”.

34 senior managers, including information technology and business professionals from Iraq’s public institutions and local governorates were selected to participate in the workshop. UNDP provided training on state-of–the-art methodologies and technologies using the concept of ‘service oriented architecture’ a concept used to implement quick-win online e-services for the Iraqi people.  Reserving medical appointments at Primary Care Centres, obtaining birth certificates, registering school attendance, subscribing to water services, obtaining water fees and Social Welfare submission and tracking were discussed.  The pilot e-services are linked to the priorities identified for the targeted sectors.

“This session is a fundamental starting point and provides us with a new way of thinking that will lead us to build our integrated Information Technology systems and e-services based on the highest international standards. “said Dr Mahmood, senior e-Governance Steering Committee member. “ We must therefore seek to establish this platform and knowledge to build the greatest possible integrated e-service to benefit the Iraqi people ” he added

The event builds on over two years of work that is gradually making e-Governance a reality in Iraq. The partnership has gone from establishing the Iraq Governance Interoperability Framework and National Enterprise Architecture - establishing information sharing modalities between government entities and developing Ministerial web portals for public information - to rolling out several training programmes and developing national e-Governance Strategies.


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