International Day of Peace 2012 Iraqis celebrate peace through hosting a musical concert in Baghdad

Sep 16, 2012


In 2001, the United Nations General Assembly declared 21 September as the United Nations International Day of Peace. By 2010, 192 member states and 28 international organizations had marked the day, carrying out activities in 31 countries worldwide.

This year, the United Nations and the Ministry of Culture in Iraq have decided to join efforts to celebrate this event through the hosting of a Musical Concert in Baghdad.

The concert represents an opportunity for the Iraqi Government, the International Community and Iraqi Youth to celebrate peace, and to reaffirm their collective commitment to peace and non-violence.

The concert will be jointly hosted by the UN and the Iraqi Government at the Iraqi National Theatre. This venue is the most prestigious in Iraq and has a capacity of 1,000 seats. The concert is an opportunity to raise the profile of the Theatre after it reopened in 2009. The National Theatre is not affiliated with any political or ethnic affiliation, but rather with the cultural heritage of Baghdad.

The famous Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma will be the main performer at the concert. He will be accompanied by an eight-musician band "the percussions of life". A local band will also be invited to perform for the first part of the concert.

 The main audience of this concert will be Iraqi youth and artists. Attendance at the concert is also expected from Senior Government officials, representatives of Iraqi political parties, members of the diplomatic community and United Nations Staff.

In addition to performances by the abovementioned bands, the concert will include key speeches by the Iraqi government at the senior level, the UN, and representatives from youth organizations. 

The concert is being organized in close coordination with the organization "Peace one Day" (, which is at the origin of the UN International Day of Peace and which is actively promoting this day worldwide in close coordination with the United Nations. This partnership will ensure worldwide media coverage for this event.

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