Canada as a model to improve governance in Iraq

Oct 24, 2012


UNDP Iraq recently organised a study tour for Iraqi officials to meet with senior representatives from Ottawa and Alberta authorities to discuss a number of aspects of their financial system.

The aim of the tour was to provide an overview of Canada’s approach to fiscal federalism: how the Canadian government operates this policy, the procedures in use, current challenges and how intergovernmental issues are resolved. Detailed discussions included  revenue raising and expenditure, best practices, budget making processes, intergovernmental transfers and dispute settlement mechanisms. There was particular emphasis on authorities’ roles and responsibilities at different levels of the government in the areas of natural resources, education, health, infrastructure, water and sanitation.

The Canadian officials  explained the roles of  the different Ministers in federal-provincial relations; how federalism and intergovernmental fiscal arrangements changed over time in light of changing circumstances and the advantages of “flexible” federalism because of the general nature of the Constitutional and legislative framework. 

Another session provided insight to issues and challenges in Canada’s oil sector and  those working on service delivery.

Side meetings were held with diplomatic representatives from Australia to exchange experience and knowledge on fiscal federalism in their country.

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