Assi El Hellani: Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador

Nov 20, 2012


In cooperation with BBAC, the United Nations Development Programme announced on the 19th of November the famous Lebanese Singer, Mr. Assi Hellani, as one of Live Lebanon’s Goodwill Ambassador at the Moevenpick hotel in Beirut.

Opening the floor, Mr. Tarek Bilal, BBAC Marketing Manager, said in his speech that BBAC’s motto, "Your Caring Bank", illustrates our belief in the power of a tight-knit community as we strive to share the fruits of our success with the many diverse spectrums of society. He added “this event today is an example of a true partnership, in all senses of the word, between the private sector and international organizations, with the invaluable support of Assi El Hellani as our ambassador. He is a unique individual, passionate about his music and an active figure of reform in our country’s humanitarian, environmental, and national issues”.

After that, Mr. Robert Watkins, UNDP’s Resident Representative, stressed on Mr. El Hellani’s commitment and support to Live Lebanon’s initiative since the beginning. He said: “Mr. El Hellani has already started working on raising the awareness on Live Lebanon in his own way. Furthermore, Mr. El Hellani will hold at least 2 fund raising events for the coming year where the mobilized funds will be used to enhance the livelihood conditions of different communities across Lebanon”.

Then Mr. El Hellani delivered a speech where he assured that his appointment as Goodwill Ambassador will give him greater responsibilities which he hopes he’ll be able to live up to. "Lebanon is not different from the developing countries in terms of the need to support its sustainable development. The poverty rate in Lebanon is more than 28% of the population.

The country suffers from a growing scarcity of water and a decrease in the proportion of forests. And many areas in Lebanon are in need to health care and educational services in addition to capacity building, especially for the youth. Hence the “Live Lebanon” initiative seeks to help all the Lebanese regions to meet basic needs. This initiative needs our support to make Lebanon Green, young, healthy and prosperous”.

In his new role as an advocate for the LIVE LEBANON, Mr. Hellani will set his sights on areas of development: Young Lebanon, Green Lebanon, Prosperous Lebanon, and Healthy Lebanon. He will raise awareness globally and locally of the activities and projects of the LIVE LEBANON.

Live Lebanon’s initiatives would not be possible without our Goodwill Ambassadors. The Goodwill Ambassadors establish the connection between Live Lebanon and individuals, private sectors, and companies that want to contribute to the cause. The relationships that the Goodwill Ambassadors form for Live Lebanon make projects possible by providing essential funds for different initiatives.

As a concerned Lebanese citizen, Assi el Hellani will join the efforts of the already existing 7 international Goodwill Ambassadors to help achieving a younger, greener, healthier and more prosperous Lebanon.


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Assi El Hellani: live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador

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