Live Lebanon and BBAC inaugurates women cooperative project in Mhaydthe

Dec 26, 2012


Live Lebanon UNDP initiative in partnership with Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries (BBAC), inaugurated on Thursday 20th of December, its project in Najmet El Soboh cooperative of Mhaydthe, in the presence of Live Lebanon’s Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Bouran Bouery and BBAC branch manager Ghassan Abou Hjeili. Najmet El Soboh cooperative of Mhaydthe (Morning Star) is a female-owned-and-operated cooperative that processes and packages traditional food products such as jams, syrups, dried fruits and other quality produce. Given the current market trends and the ways in which they have marketed themselves, their customer base is rather limited.

Live Lebanon has procured a van and much needed cooking equipment for the cooperative Najmet El Soboh in order to increase their production and keep up the pace with the growing demand while maintaining their good quality as well as facilitating the distribution of the products to all Lebanese markets. Live Lebanon initiatives would not be possible without the generous support of its Goodwill Ambassadors and partner. Indeed, Goodwill Ambassador Bouran Bouery, helped realize the objective of women’s empowerment by supporting women to be active in their communities and to be independent and self-productive.

The Live Lebanon initiative connects Lebanese individuals and associations around the world committed to local development projects in Lebanon. These projects are implemented in cooperation with the local municipalities through identifying the region’s priorities: youth, health, environment, education and income generating activities.

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