Working as one to fight corruption in Iraq

Apr 29, 2013


Corruption remains a major challenge to the majority of Iraqis. According to the Iraq Knowledge Network, 54% of the population believes that the corruption situation has deteriorated during the last two years.

As a result of this, UNDP has launched a National Anti-Corruption campaign to educate over 3,000 people on the dangers of corruption. The campaign will last until November 2013 and will consist of 96 workshops educating government officials and non-governmental organisations on the types of corruption, the role of responsible citizens and how to report a suspected violation.

On the opening day of the launch, 571 people (including 151 female and 420 male) from across the country, excluding the Kurdistan Region, attended the anti-corruption workshops, greatly exceeding expectations. Apart from the workshops, brochures have been distributed to the governorates of Anbar and Thi-Qar and seminars have been held on the topics of money laundering and the role of the Inspectors General in the governorates of Diyala and Missan respectfully.  

The launch of the Anti-Corruption Campaign in Iraq has come at a time when there is a great interest in the subject. Thus far in 2013, 32 workshops have been completed with 1,071 people attending (including 291 female and 780 male). In a number of governorates, participants have called for more awareness sessions to accommodate the greater demand.

Attendees have even made a number of recommendations to fight corruption including building a solid social system, encouraging investigative journalism, and developing the capacities of Civil Society Organisations and judiciary.

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