International Day of Democracy

"Democracy Education"

The subject of this year's theme -- democracy education -- is essential for the long-term success of democracy. It is only with educated citizens that a sustainable culture of democracy can emerge.   Read the UN Secretary-General's Message for 2012.

Democratic governance is a cornerstone of UNDP's work, instrumental to empowering nations and communities in 177 countries and territories around the world. In 2011, UNDP helped more than 130 countries and devoted US$1.5 billion to democratic governance, making it one of the world's largest providers of democratic governance assistance.

UNDP strengthens democratic participation in civic engagement, electoral systems and processes, parliamentary development; and e-governance and access to information.

Our results

  • UNDP in Somalia

    In Somalia, the UNDP-supported Somaliland women’s Law Association provided over 1,000 people access to legal aid in 2011. As a result, survivors of sexual and gender-based violence received critical legal support and, in many cases, a conviction. more

Our stories

Message from Helen Clark

"A functioning democracy needs effective institutions but it also relies on people being aware of both their rights and their responsibilities. It requires those to be respected and upheld. It requires accountable government."

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