International Day of Democracy

Sep 15, 2012

"Democracy Education"

The subject of this year's theme -- democracy education -- is essential for the long-term success of democracy. It is only with educated citizens that a sustainable culture of democracy can emerge.   Read the UN Secretary-General's Message for 2012.

Democratic governance is a cornerstone of UNDP's work, instrumental to empowering nations and communities in 177 countries and territories around the world. In 2011, UNDP helped more than 130 countries and devoted US$1.5 billion to democratic governance, making it one of the world's largest providers of democratic governance assistance.

UNDP strengthens democratic participation in civic engagement, electoral systems and processes, parliamentary development; and e-governance and access to information.

Our results

UNDP in Tunisia

In Tunisia, UNDP helped mobilize a record number of young people to participate in the country’s first democratic election in October 2011 through traditional and social media campaigns.more 

UNDP in Somalia

In Somalia, the UNDP-supported Somaliland women’s Law Association provided over 1,000 people access to legal aid in 2011. As a result, survivors of sexual and gender-based violence received critical legal support and, in many cases, a conviction. more 

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