International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Oct 17, 2012

The situation in southern Somalia has become worse following the drought caused by two seasons of low rainfall. (Photo: OCHA/Abdi Noor Yussuf)

Extreme poverty destroys the lives and spirit of people; it kills more children, young persons, and adults than any war. Every day, people living in extreme poverty are challenged and threatened by lack of food, shelter and access to essential services.

Recognizing that poverty is violence, the 2012 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty focuses on "Ending the violence of Extreme Poverty: Promoting empowerment and building peace".

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Our Stories

  • Sameer al Hams’ workshop is hard to miss. Twelve washing machines spill from its doors into the dusty street. He shares the workspace with a yellow, stretch Mercedes taxi and dozens of old televisions and spare parts.

  • “Women’s Economic Empowerment in Iraq: Integrating Women in the Iraqi Economy” Report, released by UNDP, features stories of 11 remarkable Iraqi women entrepreneurs who managed to break social barriers and venture with successful small businesses.

  • Berdale district in the Bay region bears the brunt of the civil war in the country. Most of the people here are agro-pastoralists or run small businesses. A UNDP Area Based Early Recovery (ABER) project is providing employment opportunities for 281 vulnerable households in five villages and Berdale town itself through agriculture development, establishment of small businesses and infrastructure rehabilitation.

  • Aug 13, 2012

    Helen Koja holds her son in her arms as she strolls through fields of fresh green vegetables. She bends down, picks a piece of spinach and hands it to the baby in her arms. This, she says, is full of vitamins; and will help children to grow up strong. The spinach and other crops surrounding Koja’s home are doing more than that: they are providing much needed income for the community after years of poverty and conflict.

  • Red Sea - “You can always tell when you are getting near the sea, says 50-year old Ali Abu Ali. “The air feels different; cooler against your skin.”

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