International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Oct 17, 2012

The situation in southern Somalia has become worse following the drought caused by two seasons of low rainfall. (Photo: OCHA/Abdi Noor Yussuf)

Extreme poverty destroys the lives and spirit of people; it kills more children, young persons, and adults than any war. Every day, people living in extreme poverty are challenged and threatened by lack of food, shelter and access to essential services.

Recognizing that poverty is violence, the 2012 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty focuses on "Ending the violence of Extreme Poverty: Promoting empowerment and building peace".

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Our Stories

  • After waiting for three years, Ashraf and his family will finally have a house again. Their story was a sad one to tell but now hope and serious work are changing their reality. Ashraf and his wife Nadia live in the north of Gaza, operation cast lead targeted their house like many others. They had to stay in a shelter, in one of the UNRWA schools, for several weeks. During the past two years, they lived in a tent and then to a family house.

  • The citizens of Aleppo suffered enormous losses during the Syrian crisis, especially those who were living in besieged areas with no access to basic services like water, food or electricity. The devastating conditions have forced many residents to leave their homes and properties seeking safer havens in other governorates.

  • Hama was amongst the few governorates that were affected early by the crisis. Given its proximity to highly contested areas in the north and central regions, Hama received at least 60,589 IDPs seeking refuge from the conflict.

  • Before taking a $300 loan through UNDP’s microfinance initiative, Canab Abdi Daud struggled to make ends meet. Her small Hargeisa shop rarely turned a profit, and as a result, she could often not afford basic essential items for herself and her family, and also at times found herself unable to afford to buy products to stock her shop.

  • In one of the highest mountains of Mejdel Akkar in North Lebanon, far away from the noisiness of the hectic city, three women harvest sage from the wild. With other 22 women, these harvesters work in the Mejdel Akkar Cooperation supported by the United Nations Development Programme in Lebanon.

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