Caravan of Volunteerism in Tunisia


Date: 24 October 2013
Location: Tunisia

The Caravan of Volunteerism, organized by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Tunisia, is ready to kick off its activities on UN Day (24 October). Organized as part of the Arab Youth Volunteering for a Better Future project, the caravan will depart from Tunis and travel across the North African country for 14 days, reaching communities and youth in eight governorates, including the most remote areas of Tunisia.

In each locality, youth centers and other associations will work together to coordinate a series of youth volunteer activities and awareness-raising actions, such as rehabilitating public spaces, cleaning up green areas in the community or organizing training workshops. These will be carried out in collaboration with youth associations, schools and community leaders. 

With the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the insatiable energy of the local youth centers, who will be coordinating and facilitating the activities in their communities, the caravan aims to create a lasting impact in the minds of young girls and boys in Tunisia.

The caravan provides an opportunity to gather different segments of society and foster debate and dialogue, through exchange of experiences, networking and community-led actions. The two-week initiative creates a space for the development of volunteer activities that benefit the local communities and will inspire young women and men to participate in the progress of their country, enhancing their crucial role in the response to local needs.

Itinerary and planned activities:

  • 24 October, Tunis: Opening ceremony and launch of the caravan.
  • 25 October, Tunis: Activity: Rehabilitation of a public space in Sidi Hassine area.
  • 26 October, Nabeul: Cleaning up Soliman beach and volunteering activities in Niennou hospital.
  • 28 October, Siliana: Cleaning up a public garden in the rural area of Errouhia.
  • 30 October, Kasserine: Rehabilitation of the “Place des Martyrs”, in memory of the revolution.
  • 1 November, Sidi Bou Zid: Cleaning up activity in the city center of Sidi Bouzid.
  • 3 November, Kebili: Cleaning up activity in Douz, entry point of the Tunisian desert.
  • 5 November, Medenine: Tree planting and street painting in the rural area of Beni Khdeche.
  • 6 November, Tataouine: “Cleaning up marathon” in the city of Tataouine, and closure of the caravan.

The Arab Youth Volunteering for a Better Future is a UNV-led regional project that seeks to support youth to effectively engage in the development processes of their countries through volunteerism. This regional initiative is implemented in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen.  The caravan is part of the project’s efforts to increase awareness on the role of youth volunteerism, more specifically in Tunisia.  The Arab Youth Volunteering for a Better Future initiative is part of UNV’s growing efforts to engage young people, and falls within its UN Youth Volunteers Programme.

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