International Donor Conference for Construction and Development in Darfur

 International donor conference for Darfur

: 7 - 8 April 2013
Location: Doha, Qatar


In July 2011, the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) was signed following intensive, multi-stakeholder consultations in Doha, Qatar. While it is primarily an agreement between the Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) and the Government of Sudan, the signatories have continued to call upon other actors and movements to sign onto the agreement. Its seven chapters provide a comprehensive framework for peace and development in Darfur that includes the need for establishing structures and rebuilding institutions for governance and security, ensuring immediate, mid-term and long-term recovery of livelihoods for individuals and communities affected by the conflict (including IDPs, refugees), supporting community dialogue, justice, truth and reconciliation mechanisms, and, most importantly, identifying funding sources for all of the above through development and reconstruction funds as well as a dedicated bank. The document also includes provisions for an administrative structure that includes both the state structure and a regional authority, the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA), to oversee Darfur as a whole.

As outlined in Article 32 of the DDPD, a needs assessment shall be carried out “to identify and assess the needs for economic recovery, development and poverty eradication in the aftermath of the conflict in Darfur.” The assessment shall consider needs in social areas and infrastructure and determine the resources required for addressing those needs within a six year period. Such needs shall be presented at an international donors’ conference.             

The Darfur Regional Authority is leading the preparation and implementation of the Darfur joint assessment and the organization of the international donors’ conference under the overall guidance of the national Steering Committee.

The Government of Qatar has agreed to host the donors conference in Doha from 7-8 April 2013.

The objectives

The overall goal of the conference is to mobilize financial support for the recovery and development needs in Darfur in an effort to support the implementation of the DDPD and lay the foundation for long-term recovery, development, peace and stability in Darfur.

The specific objectives of the conference are as follows:

  • To agree on the recovery and development priorities for Darfur 2013-2019 as defined by the needs assessment;
  • To confirm the international community’s financial support for Darfur to address the agreed recovery and development priorities;
  • To confirm the Government of Sudan’s financial support for Darfur to address the agreed recovery and development priorities;
  • To confirm the establishment and structure of fund management mechanisms and governance and coordination structures to ensure the transparent allocation and utilization of resources in line with identified priorities;
  • To agree on a regular follow-up mechanism to ensure and monitor progress towards agreed recovery and development priorities.


Participants will include representatives of:

  • Government of Sudan
  • International donor community
  • Development banking sector
  • NGOs (international and national)
  • International Funds and Foundations

 Documents to be presented at the conference

  • Presentation of the Darfur Recovery, Reconstruction and Development Strategy
  • Proposed fund management mechanisms, including appropriate quality assurance mechanisms and governance structure; and
  • Proposed coordination mechanism.

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