First Social Innovation Camp for Youths in the Arab Region

Date:13-15 June 2015

The 6th edition of the AHDR will be launched on May 25th, 2015. The report covers a broad spectrum of development issues related to youth in the region. This is the first AHDR to be launched since the Arab Spring, where youth played a central role in becoming leaders and taking command of the future they yearned for. The AHDR 2015 highlights several thematic areas in depth, including, but not limited to: civic participation, education and transition to labor markets, young women inclusion and empowerment, and most important, the road ahead.

Youth make up the majority of the population in the Arab Region, therefore it is important that UNDP support plans, policies and programmes that create a sense of agency among them, empower them, and give them autonomy to set, and realize, their own future. This is the role of UNDP, that is, to encourage youth civic engagement and participation. The perspectives of youth played a central role in shaping the report, as several regional consultations were held. In order to continue the conversation and in light of the launch of the AHDR, the Regional Hub in Amman (RHA), in collaboration with UNDP Egypt, is organizing a Regional Social innovation camp focused on ‘Youth as Agents of Social Change’.

The aim of social innovation camp is to further empower youth to become agents of social change by including them in the development process of the region. It is an effective tool for encouraging youth civic engagement and participation in their countries and the region as a whole. Moreover, social innovation camps can serve as a basis for the promotion of social entrepreneurship in the region, as solution prototypes coming out of the camp will be developed into marketable products or implemented through a national or regional UNDP project.

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