Forum of women parliamentarians of MENA region and Africa

AlgeriaForum of women parliamentarians of MENA region and Africa


The political representation of women in elected bodies in the MENA and Africa region has made significant progress over the last twenty years.  

Algeria has risen in 2012 to the forefront of countries in the MENA region in terms of political representation of women in elected bodies, with a share of 31.6% and was ranked 27th in the world. A few years later (2014), she is joined by Tunisia. A regional dynamics to eliminate gender discrimination, including political representation, are engaged and are already producing tangible results.

The will of the Algerian Parliament to form and to host Women Parliamentarians Regional Forum Secretariat is also in the wake of UNDP Regional Programme MENA Initiative, Mousharaka, in which the Algerian government has applied and expressed its commitment to provide leadership in "Participation Policy" component at the regional meeting held for that purpose, in April 2014 in Cairo.


This international meeting, scheduled 14 and 15 June 2015, aims to lay the foundations of the constitution of i) a national network/forum of women parliamentarians (Algerian) and ii) an international forum of women parliamentarians from Africa and the MENA region, with reference to the recommendations of the Algiers Declaration (above-mentioned), this through:

1st Day:
- Exchange of good practices and lessons learned about global experiences of formal or informal groups /caucus of women parliamentarians, including those who have reached significant results, and from several regions/continents: Maghreb, Africa, Middle East , Asia, Europe, Latin America (6 Chairs/caucus representatives total) and

2nd Day:
- Exchange with experts on scope, role, duties, responsibilities and tasks inherent to a national and international parliamentarians forum and its prior levels.


Development of a roadmap for the establishment of the Algerian women Parliamentarians Forum;

Development of a draft of Terms of Reference (relevance, mission, responsibilities, tasks, etc) of the future International Women Parliamentarians Forum (MENA region/ Africa) with a view to its launch in 2016 on the occasion of an International Conference which will be organized for this purpose.


The National Assembly is the organizer of this international meeting, in partnership with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP ).


  • Presidents or representatives of groups/caucus of women parliamentarians of the Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia), Africa (Rwanda), Asia (Indonesia) Latin America (Brazil), Europe (Spain, Finland) ,

  • National and international experts, specialists of UNWOMEN and UNDP Regional Offices,

  • MENA region Parliamentarians (Egypt, Jordan) / Africa (Senegal, Rwanda)

  • Inter-Parliamentary Union (Geneva)

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

  • Algerian Parliamentarians/Sénateurs,

  • United Nations Representatives,

  • Institutional sectors Representatives

  • National Academics/Researchers working on political participation issues,

  • Representatives of civil society working on women's rights issues,

  • Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps and international organizations represented in Algeria.

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