Youth Action for Agenda 2030

Youth Leadership Programme 2: Innovation for SDGs - December 2016


Date: 14-19 December 2016

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Ministry of Youth in Kuwait in partnership with UNDP Kuwait and UNDP RBAS will convene the regional workshop on “Youth Action for the 2030 Agenda” in the Arab region from14th of November till 19th of December 2016. The regional workshop will be convened in partnership with UN Women Regional Office for the Arab States and the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth. The Regional Director of the Regional Bureau of the Arab States and the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth are expected to take part; in addition, inspirational speakers will offer participants a memorable experience and contribute to their personal and professional development. UNDP will ensure that panels and sessions are gender balanced.

The main objectives of the regional workshop are:

1) improve understanding of leadership as a concept and tool for young women and men to acquire gender equal, sustainable and innovative solutions to challenges facing their communities

2) build effective capacity among young women and men to lead as SDGs ambassadors

3) forge networks among young men and women to exchange knowledge, stories, resources and skills

4) strengthen the initiatives and ideas of the young women and men to implement, advocate and act on the 2030 agenda

5) Document and capture youth knowledge and stories in leading on the 2030 agenda.

The regional workshop will invest in empowering young women and men as partners and champions for SDGs across the Arab region. Recognizing that youth knowledge and creativity is essential to realize the development goals, the workshop will use creative approaches to offer a learning environment to discuss in detail the 2030 agenda. The regional workshop will address sustainable development challenges in four prioritized thematic areas: Gender Equality, Good Governance, Social Cohesion, and Economic Empowerment.

The workshop will offer youth a variety of ways to engage and interact: e.g., focused and analytical plenary sessions, hands-on working sessions, and in-depth technical sessions to ensure that youth are aware and ready to take action.