6 April: Launch Arab Human Development Report 2016 in Brussels

6 April 2017
Location: Brussels

European Commission, the EastWest institute and UNDP will launch the Arab Human Development Report 2016 (AHDR): Youth and the Prospects of Human Development in a Changing Reality, on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 in Brussels.

The event in Brussels aims to highlight the opportunities and challenges that are outlined in the ADHR 2016 and present it to the EU institutions and the Brussels policy, development, and think tank community. The formal launch and presentation of report will be followed by a panel discussion involving representatives of the EU institutions, the United Nations, the Islamic Development Bank and Middle East experts and analyst, with a focus on youth and conflict prevention as an entry point to the discussion.

The discussion will aim to make the link between the current priorities of the European Union, the individual institutions, and member states, and the opportunities and challenges posed by the situation of youth in the Arab region.

The focus of the discussion will be on the following areas of the ADHR 2016:

* The Effects war and violent conflict on youth

* Public services in health and education

* Exclusion, mobility, and migration

* Education and transition to work

* Looking forward: building on the youth’s capabilities and expanding their opportunities

The patterns of migration and profile of young migrants to the Western OECD countries will be of high interest for the EU, in light of the large influx of refugees in 2015-2016. Better understanding of the problems and challenges in sending states can help the EU in its cooperative efforts with regional governments to counteract the reasons (root causes) for conflict and migration, and presenting a cost-benefit analysis with potential ‘worst-case scenarios’ can serve as an alarm signal.

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