Inauguration of two environment projects in Marjeyoun Kada

Sep 23, 2010

The UNDP-ART GOLD  Lebanon in collaboration with the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) will be hosting the inaugurations of two projects in Marjeyoun Kada:

  • The installation of solar panels project in Meis el Jabal public hospital, and
  • A waste disposal project in Taibeh.

The inauguration of the solar panels installation will take place at 11:00 a.m., at the Meis el Jabal public hospital. This will be followed by the inauguration of the waste disposal project of Taibeh and its surroundings villages at 12:10 p.m. at the Public Library in Taibeh.

H.E. Ambassador of Italy to Lebanon, Mr. Gabriel Checchia will participate in the inaugurations alongside UNDP Country Director Mr. Seifeldine Abbaro. The President of the Union of Municipalities of Jabal Amel Mr. Ali El-Zein, the Mayor of Meis el Jabal and other mayors will also attend the events.

The installation of the solar panels in Meis El Jabal falls within the UNDP-ART GOLD Project: “INCREASING ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND THE APPLICATION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY RESSOURCES”. The project is funded by the Italian Government through the Italian Development Cooperation/Embassy of Italy in Beirut and the Municipality of Padova, within the framework of UNDP- ART GOLD Lebanon.

The first phase of the project consisted of assessing the energy situation in Lebanon, which proved to be undergoing a technical decline due to many years of war, but also due to the present economic situation and to the lack of definite technical regulations and structure maintenance. The assessment also proved that the development of renewable energy resources in Lebanon can greatly contribute to the socio-economic growth of the country

The project aims at promoting the use of solar energy in public and health institutions. The public hospital of Meis El Jabal was selected as a pilot project where to install the solar panels since the hospital has a roofing level with adequate access and a high sun exposure. These panels have been installed on the roof of the hospital allowing the production of hot water. Solar power is environmentally friendly; it is clean energy that does not pollute the air nor emanate dangerous gases and toxic substances like traditional forms of energy do. The second phase of the project intends to raise the awareness of the local population regarding the rational use of energy.

The promotion of renewable energy in Meis el Jabal falls within the 2009-2010 strategic objective of UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon; in particular, the objective to increase the use of renewable energy in South Lebanon.

The reduction of waste in Taibeh and surrounding villages is part of the UNDP-ART GOLD project “ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REDUCTION OF MUNICIPALITY WASTE DISPOSAL SITES”. The project is funded by the Italian Government through the Italian Development Cooperation / Embassy of Italy in Beirut and the Province of Ferrara. More than 30,000 residents of the Union of Municipalities of Jabal Amel will benefit from this project.

The project was identified by the working groups of south Lebanon in cooperation with Italian experts from Ferrara province. The project aims to reduce waste and to promote recycling practices through an improved collection system, and better community awareness. In this regard, 180 small bins and 180 big bins for separated waste collection were purchased to the Union of Jabal Amel.

In addition to that, the Italian province of Ferrara granted and shipped a specialized truck for waste collection to the Union of Jabal Amel. Furthermore, an Italian expert from Ferrara conducted training sessions in Taibe on the use of the truck. These sessions followed a field study tour to Italy (Ferrara and surrounding locations) for Lebanese technicians from the Union of Jabal Amal to learn about the best Italian practices in waste management. The final stage of the project consisted of conducting an awareness campaign on waste management. In addition to its environmental impact, the project will permit a better litter management and provide an additional income to the municipality that could be invested in further development projects.

The implementation of a waste disposal site in Taibeh falls within the 2009-2010 strategic objectives of UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon; in particular, the objective to enhance the preservation of the environment in South Lebanon through an integrated water management.

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