Signing of the document of energy efficiency code project in the building sector

Jan 26, 2011

Damascus - The Ministry of Electricity and the Planning and International Cooperation Commission in Cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme signed today the project document of energy efficiency code project in the building sector in the Syrian Arab Republic, at the headquarters of the Commission at 10:00 a.m. Dr. Amer Hussni Loutfi, Head of the Commission of Planning and International Cooperation, Dr. Ahmad Qussay Kayyali, Minister of Electricity, and Mr. Issmail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, UNDP resident representative in Syria, attended it.

The project objective is trying to reducing CO2 emissions resulted from the energy sector in Syria by reducing energy demand in the building sector. That will be accomplished through preparing of a new performance-based code of energy efficiency, including minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), energy-labeling of the new buildings, standards specified for EE materials, capacity building of principal stakeholders, and an appropriate compliance regime to ensure that these new requirements will be effectively implemented. The geographical climatic variability will also be taken into consideration within the country, and the code will anticipate changes resulted from global warming, so that it prepares for constructing new buildings that conform to the present and the expected future climate conditions.

The project aims to reduce Syria's energy-related GHG emissions through the development and the effective implementation of a performance-based energy efficient building code for new construction in Syria.


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