UNDP spent US$980 million in support of the Palestinian people over 32 years

Feb 6, 2011

Jerusalem - During an interview at the Jerusalem Press Club, UNDP/Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP) Special Representative announced that US$980 million were spent mostly on Palestinian infrastructure projects since the establishment of the programme in 1978.

He added that there are UNDP implemented projects in most of the Palestinian villages and cities. Last year, UNDP spent 65 million dollars, 10 -12 million dollars were spent in Gaza. Mr. Rothermel noted that this year will be very significant where in January 2011, US$25 million were allocated by the Islamic Development Bank and another US$4.8 million were allocated by the Government of Japan for emergency support in Gaza.

The biggest challenge in the Gaza Strip is “Rebuilding” due to Israeli restrictions imposed on the entry of new materials. Mr. Rothermel pointed out that next year the Programme will double its work in Jerusalem and Area “C”, knowing that the United Nations considers East Jerusalem as part of the occupied Palestinian territory. He also explained that the United Nations Development Programme strategy in project implementation depends on the projects being large and integral.

“Our programme builds its vision through cooperation and consultation with our Palestinian partners, listens to their concerns and responds accordingly, while other institutions come with an already prepared project vision. The final output is not ours but a Palestinian one, our role is to facilitate and support“He added. Mr. Rothermel expects the Islamic Development Bank and Al-Aqsa Fund to be UNDP‘s biggest donor for the year 2011.

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