Inauguration of a primary health care center in Sareen El Fawka – Baalbeck

Sep 21, 2011

UNDP-ART GOLD Lebanon in partnership with the  municipality of Sareen El Fawka, and the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) will inaugurate the newly equipped primary health care center in Sareen Al Fawka at the primary health care center premises on Thursday September 22nd 2011 at 11:30am sharp. The inauguration will be convened in the presence of Mr. Seifeldin Abbaro, UNDP Country Director, the head of the Eastern Baalbeck Federation, in addition to local officials and representatives from the civil society.

The health & medical condition in Bekaa region requests the necessity of having several primary health care centers that provide medical and health services at minimum fees to the local and regional residents. 

In this context, this project, funded by Monaco government, was identified by the regional working group of Eastern Baalbeck Federation to help increase access to quality health services for the local community. It also falls under the UNDP-ART GOLD broader project supporting the health sector in the Bekaa region, namely, in the Cazas of Baalbeck, West Bekaa and Rashaya, and Hermel. 

The main beneficiaries are the local and regional community of the federation of Eastern Baalbeck region (Sarean El Fawka, Sarean El Tahta, Nabi Shiit, and the surrounding villages) totaling around 7000 inhabitants. The establishment of the PHCC in Sareen Al Fawka will allow the local and regional community to benefit from the medical and health services at a minimum cost in addition to providing job opportunities for the local community.

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