Iraqi parliamentary staff exchange experiences in Europe

Dec 9, 2011


A high level delegation of staff from the Iraqi Council of Representatives recently concluded a series of consultations in Brussels, Belgium. The visit was hosted by UNDP to explore how to improve the effectiveness of the Secretariat of the Iraqi Parliament.

"These consultations provided an opportunity for Parliamentary staff to discuss the day-to-day challenges they are facing" said Mr. Salahaldeen Alzanganna, the Secretary General of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on behalf of the Iraqi delegation. "By learning from the experience of other countries, our staff will be able to improve our outreach to citizens, support improved law making and the oversight of government functions to ensure a more effective parliament" he added.

The Iraqi delegation was received by the Belgian House of Representatives and met with several international experts from UNDP and representatives from the European, British and Pakistani Parliaments.

The consultations covered a series of topics including improving the role of the Parliamentary administration, enhancing support to parliamentary committees and improving dialogue with Iraqi citizens to ensure parliament reflects the opinions and concerns of citizens and can best represent them. The Iraqi delegation also held bilateral meetings with the Belgian Parliament on Information Communication Technology, research, media, finance, parliamentary affairs, protocol and public relations and administration.

“UNDP has been happy to support this visit of Iraqi parliamentary staff to Brussels. The Iraqi delegation showed a high level of interest in learning lessons from other parliaments to improve the functioning of the Iraqi parliament, thereby strengthening democracy in Iraq”” said Peter Batchelor, Country Director of UNDP Iraq.

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