New partners join reintegration services targeting ex-combatants

Dec 13, 2011

imageEl Manar Executive Director Nadia Ali Eltoum signs the contract that will see 300 women provided with small business packages in Khartoum (photo credit: Ariel Rubin/UNDP/UNV)


Khartoum,  four organizations were selected to became implementing partners of Sudan DDR Commission (SDDRC) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to provide income-generating activities to DDR participants in Sudan. Over the next 6 months, implementing partners will provide agriculture, livestock and small business opportunities to a total of 4,775 DDR participants in four states within the Central Sector: Khartoum, North Kordofan, Sennar, and White Nile states.


New initiatives such as private sector development are underway to provide unique income generating activities and as well to stimulate local economy for a sustainable reintegration.

These income-generating activities are part of the socio-economic reintegration component of Sudan’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Programme (SDDRP). DDR is a government-led initiative being implemented by the Sudan DDR Commission (SDDRC), with support from the UNDP and other international partners.


The reintegration programme, which commenced in late 2009, includes counseling, training, start-up materials, special disability support services, as well as follow-up services to facilitate sustainability. The individual reintegration component of DDR provides sustainable reintegration options to ex-combatants, who are individually counseled in line with their existing skills or businesses, and the potential for their preferred reintegration option to enhance these.


These four organizations include one organization which will initiate work with Female ex-combatants for the first time.


SDDRC Reintegration Manager, Elsadig Osman Ismail expressed excitement at finally reaching this juncture in the programme. “According to whom we have selected and what we are seeing today from the implementing partners today. I’m well confident they will implement the projects successfully.” He noted, “I feel absolutely relieved!”


The implementing partners include one international organization and three local organizations: Near East Foundation, El Manar, Sudanese Development Association, and Vet-Care.


For Musa Muhamad Gismala of the Near East Foundation this is also a significant moment. “I came here today to sign the contract for Central Sector – mainly in Khartoum in and North Kordofan State – for small business and capacity building. We’ve been working since 1989 and this is a benefit for the UNDP, SDDRC and NEF to truly be able to share our experience.”


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