UNDP supports the government of the three states of Eastern Sudan in designing state strategic and locality development plans

Dec 13, 2011

imageCommissioner of Rural Kassala locality, Mr. Abdalla Mohamed Derif

The State Governments of Eastern Sudan have shown increasing commitment to make their development interventions more effective, sustainable, equally accessible and responsive to the needs and priorities of citizens both at the state and locality level.

As part of its Local Governance Development and Public Expenditure Management Programme in Eastern Sudan (LGDPEM), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supports the State Strategic Council and Planning Departments at the Ministries of Finance in the three States of Eastern Sudan to translate their commitment into concrete action. The latest achievement of this cooperation is the finalization of State Strategic and Locality Development Plans covering the period 2012-2016.

The preparation of the State Strategic Plans was preceded by a broad consultative process involving government ministries and departments, the private sector, civil society, faith-based organizations, traditional leaders and senior citizens. Coordination mechanisms were established in all relevant ministries, departments and localities to establish the relevant quantitative and qualitative data, to determine priorities and to develop strategies and targets for the respective sectors and sub-sectors. The lead agencies applied democratic dialogue principles and techniques and followed a bottom-up approach in the development of the plans.

In order to encourage the participation of localities in the preparation of the plans and to further strengthen the capacity of officials working at the locality level, working groups were formed to propose projects for implementation at the locality level. This process also involved the Planning Information Units (PIUs), which are established in each of the 33 localities of Eastern Sudan.

The state and locality plans address the programmes, objectives, and strategies as they apply to, among others the sectors of the Economy and Infrastructure, Social Development and Wealth, Administration, Agriculture. “The State Strategic Plan belongs to our citizens.These plans are a major achievement of the cooperation between the State Strategic Council and Planning Department at the Ministry of Finance and UNDP. They are the product of each Eastern State government’s experience, as well as their dedication and hard work”, said State Minister of Finance, Kassala Mohamed Osman Abbas.

The plans call for strengthening a decentralized administration in order to support the localities’ role in effectively developing and managing their resources and to contribute to the development process.

The Commissioner of Rural Kassala locality, Mr. Abdalla Mohamed Derif, added, “The objectives of the new generation plan include improving the quality of life for all segments of society. There must be equal opportunities for everyone to participate in the development process. Therefore, we need to make sure that the development of institutions and laws emphasize collective views and inclusiveness in decision-making”.

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