Inauguration of "geographic information system platform of Tripoli city» and launch of international workshop on ICT use for local development

May 30, 2012

UNDP Lebanon through ART Lebanon project and in  the framework of the Information Society Initiative for the  Mediterranean (ART-ISI@MED) is inaugurating the first phase of The Geographic Information System platform of Tripoli city and launching an international workshop on the use of a new handbook outlining how ICT can improve municipal services and contribute to local development. This will be held on Wednesday 30 May 2010 at Radisson Blue Martinez Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon, at 10:00 a.m. The two-day event (30-31 May) will take place in the presence of Ms. Najat Rochdi Deputy Country Director at UNDP Geneva, Mr. Jean-Michel Despax Head of the French Delegation for External Action of Local and Regional Authorities (DAECT), Mr. Shombi Sharp representing UNDP Lebanon, Mr. Mats Carlsson director of the Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), Mr. Ibrahim Chahrour from the Council for Development and Reconstruction, Dr. Nader Ghazal Mayor of Tripoli Municipality, and a representative from Malaga City. Participants also include representatives of local authorities from North and South Lebanon, Bekaa and Beirut Southern Suburbs representatives from Morocco, Albania, Kosovo, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, and Decentralized Cooperation Partners.. The event is co-organized by the Municipality of Tripoli (Lebanon), the Union of Municipalities of Al Fayhaa, UNDP ART initiatives (Geneva and Lebanon) and CMI with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs through DAECT. The Geographic Information System platform in Tripoli, Lebanon, is the outcome of an initiative developed by the Municipality with the technical support of the Municipality of Malaga (Spain) and in partnership with Al Fayhaa urban community under UNDP-ART-ISI@MED in Geneva (Information Society Initiative for the Mediterranean). This innovative initiative provided the City of Tripoli with a powerful, customizable and technologically advanced GIS system for creating and maintaining a directory of the municipality’s streets and postal addresses, as well as for enabling better strategic planning of the municipal services delivered to citizens. In line with promoting the role of ICT to improve local service delivery, the event will contribute to raising awareness and building capacities of local authorities on the use of ICTs by relying on a set of concrete and easy guidelines that have been published in a handbook that is now available in Arabic, French and English. This handbook, a joint knowledge product between UNDP Geneva and CMI, can empower municipalities to respond more effectively and efficiently to the needs of their constituents; hence contributing to expediting the local development process.

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