UN resident coordinator meets with the Yemeni Nobel Prize Laureate Ms. Tawakkol Karman

Jun 26, 2012



Mr. Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, met today with Ms. Tawakkol Karaman, Nobel Prize Laureate for Peace in her tent in Tagheer Square, in Sana’a.

The discussion focused on youth political engagement, especially in the national dialogue preparation, youth immediate and urgent demands and the support to the humanitarian crisis funding.
In the meeting, Mr. Ould Cheikh Ahmed assured that the UN will spare no effort to support youth in Yemen. He hoped that a coordination mechanism between all parties is maintained to make the National Conference a success. He encouraged all parties to sit together and prepare for the National Conference, which should be run by Yemenis themselves.

He said that in any democratic process it is healthy to have different views but he the variety of opinions should all aim for the same purpose, which is ending the crisis and moving ahead to a new era of safety and prosperity.

He briefed Ms. Karman on the UNDP newly signed projects to support youth, especially the UNDP Youth Observatory Project which aims to provide political empowerment for Yemeni youth.

Finally, he asked her, in her capacity as Nobel Prize Laureate, to advocate for the full funding of the humanitarian needs in Yemen, resulting from a major and deep humanitarian crisis affecting more than half of the population. Ms. Karman said that she is fully aware of the gravity and seriousness of the humanitarian situation in Yemen. She definitely welcomes the idea to support any advocacy efforts aiming at alleviating the dear humanitarian situation in Yemen.

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