More electricity for Iraq as UNDP completes rehabilitation works at Al-Mussaib power station

Jul 26, 2012


UNDP Iraq recently visited the Al-Mussaib power station to commemorate the completion of rehabilitation works on one of the station’s units.  The works will now ensure a stable supply of 200 MW of electricity. “The project has been completed just in time to meet the peak of summer demand,” said a relieved Engineer Raheem of the Ministry of Electricity who managed this rehabilitation project which was financed by the United Nations Iraq Trust Fund through a generous contribution by the Government of Japan.

“We hope that this project will contribute to overcoming the severe power shortages Iraq faces and help improve the daily lives of the Iraqi people,” said Peter Batchelor, UNDP Iraq’s Country Director during the visit. Engineer Amer Shelby, Manager of the Power Station expressed his gratitude. “On behalf of all Iraqi citizens, I thank UNDP, the UN Iraq Trust Fund and the Government of Japan for helping us complete this critical project.”

90% of Iraqi households supplement the public network with private generators, and on average households receive less than 15 hours of electricity per day through a combination of the two. While Iraq’s supply of electricity is increasing, the country faces challenges in keeping pace with rising demand. Iraq generates only 8,000 of the estimated 15,000 megawatts of power currently required to meet domestic demand. The situation deteriorates further during the summer months when temperatures in some parts of the country can reach over 50 degrees Celsius.

The Government of Japan contributed $33 million in aid for this project through the United Nations Iraq Trust Fund. The project’s main objective is to improve the supply of electricity through rehabilitating the boiler at the Al-Mussaib Power plant, the biggest of its kind in Iraq.

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