HRF and UNDP aim to improve hygiene facilities in Iraqi schools

Aug 16, 2012



The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for Iraq and the Human Relief Foundation (HRF) have signed an agreement under the Expanded Humanitarian Response Fund (ERF). This will give greater flexibility in responding to the numerous infrastructural challenges that remain to be dealt with after a decade of violence and destruction in Iraq.

Specifically, HRF has plans to restore the sanitary units in seventeen schools. The programme will ensure that the students involved have access to proper hygiene facilities with suitable ventilation, ceramic toilet bowls, full private access, hand-washing basins, clean drinking water and good lighting.

Insufficient access to such facilities has contributed significantly to high dropout rates and low enrolment levels in these schools, especially amongst the female population. It is anticipated that this programme will directly benefit the 6,830 students and 413 staff at schools in Ninewa and Salah El-Din. The project aims to contribute to the improvement of educational levels in this region, increasing enrolment rates, reducing drop out rates and improving overall attendance.

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