International Donor Conference for Construction and Development in Darfur

Apr 2, 2013


Khartoum - On the 7th and 8th of April, the international community will meet in Doha to endorse the Darfur Development Strategy (DDS) developed through a comprehensive consultation process, involving representatives of all social groups of Darfur including IDPs and women, in partnership with the Government of Sudan, the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA), UN agencies, International Financial Institutions and civil society.

The conference presents a major step towards supporting self-reliance and building resilience of crisis-affected communities in Darfur and has 4 main objectives: (a) to endorse the strategy, (b) to agree on the coordination and funding mechanism, and (c) to re-confirm financial and political commitments of the government of Sudan to the DPD, and (d) mobilize funds from the international community for the implementation of the strategy.

The experience of UNDP over the past six years in Sudan has shown that economic recovery and the provision of livelihood opportunities is the strongest incentive for individuals and communities to break out from conflict dynamics and join peace efforts instead. UNDP therefore strongly supports the DDS which offers a coordinated and holistic plan for equitable, sustainable and participatory development vital to move Darfur out of a cycle of conflict and poverty, towards a stable and prosperous future.

UNDP also strongly supports the proposed coordination and funding architecture that can ensure a balanced and accountable implementation of the strategy in a complex environment. The proposed mechanism is the result of careful calibration of needs and interests, while ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Generously hosted and supported by the Qatari Government, the Conference, which brings together representatives of the Government of Sudan, the Darfur Regional Authority and international development partners, is requesting US $7.245 billion to meet both social and infrastructural needs over the next six years. The Government of Sudan has confirmed its commitment to the DDPD of US $2.65 billion with a delineated schedule of delivery. A Letter of Credit for the first tranche of US$165 million was given to the DRA in January 2013. This leaves a gap for donors to fill of US$4.595 billion.

UNDP believes this donor’s conference is a first solid step to implement the DDS – a six years development strategy – a key driver of hope for the people of Darfur to live in peace and stability. 

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Mr. Jorg Kuhel, Team Leader
UNDP in Sudan
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