UNDP hands over H1N1 equipment to Palestinian Ministry of Health

Sep 3, 2013

Ramallah – The UNDP Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People handed over H1N1 medical equipment for seasonal influenza preparedness donated by the Government of Hungary to the Ministry of Health in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The equipment was handed over at a ceremony in Ramallah and was attended by Dr Asad Ramlawi, General Director of Primary Health Care and Public Health, HE Csaba Czibere, Head of Mission at the Representative Office of Hungary and Frode Mauring, UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator.

In his acceptance speech, Dr Ramlawi thanked the Hungarian Government and UNDP for their support and highlighted the importance of early diagnosis and action to combat the spread of the H1N1 virus and ensure that Palestinian children and their families have accurate information about it.

“This Hungarian contribution of USD 15,000, of which we are pleased to provide to the Ministry of Health today, is a symbolic effort to support the Ministry of Health’s important battle against H1N1” said HE Csaba Czibere, Head of Mission at the Representative Office of Hungary.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, as of mid-March 2013, 31 Palestinians died of H1N1 (Seasonal Influenza) in the latest outbreak of the disease, while about 4,500 were infected but recovered. Formidable efforts were made by the Ministry of Health to reach out and vaccinate more than 50,000 Palestinian children and chronic disease patients with reduced immunity.

Frode Mauring, UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator highlighted that the continued efforts of the Ministry of Health, supported by the international community, will be pivotal to ensure that any new outbreak of H1N1 in the State of Palestine is addressed swiftly and effectively. “It is important to ensure that people have access to essential medical supplies, and UNDP/PAPP will continue to provide support in the procurement and supply chain management, as and when called upon” he added.

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