Naseer Shamma and UN advocate for a culture of peace in Iraq

Sep 21, 2013

imageUNDP has this year again spearheaded efforts to organise a concert by renowned musician Naseer Shamma at the National theatre in Baghdad. This year, Mr. Shamma is playing with "the Secret Orchestra", a group composed of 35 musicians.

– On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, the United Nations in Iraq, together with Iraq’s Ministry of Culture, welcomed Naseer Shamma and the Secret Orchestra to commemorate this year’s theme, “Culture for Peace”, in a unique concert.

Over one thousand Iraqi men, women and young people gathered at the Baghdad National Theatre to listen to Mr. Shamma, a world famous Iraqi oud musician. Mr. Shamma debuted a number of new compositions to a cheering crowd.

“The importance of this particular day should not be underestimated, particularly in Iraq, where violence and terrorism continue to kill, maim and injure scores of innocent civilians on a daily basis,” said Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq (DSRSG) for Development and Humanitarian Affairs, Dr. Jacqueline Badcock.

The International Day of Peace was established by a UN General Assembly Resolution in 2001 and calls for a complete global cessation of hostilities for one day.

Reflecting on the importance of Peace Day in Iraq, Al Hasan Hady Fahmy, a young Iraqi said, “this day provides us with a collective opportunity to reflect on the heavy toll that Iraq has paid over the last years.” Safaa Eemad Salman, another young Iraqi who spoke on the importance of the day, added, “Today gives us the chance to send out the message that violence can and should stop, once and for all, in Iraq.”

Besides the concert, UNESCO, UNDP and UNAMI joined efforts to organize a series of events across Iraq, including a discussions roundtable gathering prominent Iraqi figures and broadcasted live to all over the world through a dedicated internet channel.

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2013 Peace Day celebrations in Iraq

Building on the success of last year’s events in Baghdad, the United Nations in Iraq is expanding the scope of its Peace Day activities to include independently organised youth events in Basrah, Basra, Babil, Diyala, Duhok, Erbil, Muthanna, Ninewah, Kirkuk, Najaf, Sulaymaniyah, Thi-Qar and Wassit while also planning activities in Baghdad designed to promote public engagement.

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Youth Empowerment and Engagement in Peace Building
  • Peace Day celebrations in Iraq, 2013
  • Peace Day celebrations in Iraq, 2013
  • Peace Day celebrations in Iraq, 2013
  • Peace Day celebrations in Iraq, 2013
  • Peace Day celebrations in Iraq, 2013

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