Sudan releases its first Human Development Report

Dec 19, 2013

Khartoum - Sudan’s first-ever National Human Development Report (NHDR) launched today representing a significant milestone in Sudan’s path towards advancing human development.

The theme of the report, “Geography of Peace: Putting Human Development at the Centre of Peace in Sudan” provides a deep analysis of the complex inter-linkages between peace and human development. “A focus on achieving and furthering peace in Sudan is equally a focus on advancing human development”, notes the report.

The President’s Assistant, Dr. Jalal Yousif Al-Degair
said “The report clearly indicates that peace and political stability are the prime foundation for human development in Sudan. The true challenge now is to translate the recommendations of this report on the ground for the benefit of the Sudanese people. I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our political will to advance the wellbeing of Sudanese people by building and sustaining peace.”

The report that came as a product of a two-year research process was prepared by an independent team of scholars from the University of Gezira and supported by the Federal Ministry of Welfare and Social Security and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The report also includes extensive consultations and views of more than 750 leading scholars, policy makers, and development practitioners in addition to international experts in the field of human development.

Minister of Welfare and Social Security, Mashair Doleib
said” We are very proud of the launch of Sudan’s firs NHDR which signifies the government’s commitment to advancing human development in the country. In some regional and global reports on human development, Sudan is usually compared to countries with no conflicts or wars, which is unfair as it automatically places Sudan at the bottom of the list in terms of human development indicators.” The Minister further emphasized the particularity of this report that stemmed from the special context of Sudan underscoring peace as a center for human development.

For the first time in Sudan, the report provides estimates of the Human Development Index (HDI) at the State level.The HDI is a summary measure of the ability of individuals to lead long, knowledgeable lives at an acceptable standard of living.  Some Regions and States in Sudan, impacted hardest by insecurity tend to lag behind others in health, education and income achievements. Vulnerable groups including unemployed youth, women-headed households and internally displaced people suffer especially acute human development challenges as a result of conflicts, human insecurity, and environmental degradation. Thus, the report calls for a broad-based, inclusive growth in human development opportunities.

The United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Ali AL-Za’tari
said“With the launch of this report, Sudan joins a network of 600 Human Development Reports that have been issued so far all over the world. The report is characterized by three key elements; its consultative nature that gathers views from various stakeholders, it is balanced nature as it cites Sudan’s progress in terms of human development while at the same time acknowledges challenges and shortcomings, and lastly its call for placing human development as a center for peace.”

By finding that human development must be moved to the heart of the design and implementation of peace accords, the report calls for a sea-change in the geography of peace in Sudan by placing the ends and means of human development at the center of peace efforts in Sudan.

Further, among the key findings, the report states that education in post conflict areas has quickly advanced in Sudan, followed by steady achievements in child and maternal health. These outcomes, however, are built into regional disparities that hold potential to reignite.

Sudan, says the report, stands to reap significant gains from engaging in an efficient, participatory and committed public dialogue for human development, at the national and sub-national levels. A national dialogue on peace and human development and an enhanced citizens’ voice in the policy making process as initiated through the process of producing this report can be further deepened to the benefit of the Sudanese people.

Sudan National Human Development Report 2012

This first report in the Sudan series establishes the roots of human development and its potential use in the study of Sudan’s challenges. It emphasizes the principles and perspectives of human development: the values of equity, empowerment and sustainability that underpin the approach.

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