New report highlights successful UNDP programmes in the Arab Region

Jul 14, 2015

New York —The UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States released Voices of Change, a short report highlighting successful programmes implemented in the Arab Region between 2011-2015.

Voices of change shares stories of people UNDP has supported to gain jobs, to participate in decisions that shape their lives, and to build pathways to sustainable, peaceful and resilient human development -- in the midst of a rapidly changing and crisis-prone region. 

The report comes at a time when the Arab States Region is facing enormous challenges, from crisis, conflict and instability in several countries, to long-standing pressures anchored in climate change, discrimination against women and broad challenges facing youth.  

 “There is no question that the Arab States region is facing difficult times, but this report shows that the brighter future people want across this region is still possible,” said Sima Bahous, Assistant Secretary General and Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States.  “Every day, people across the Arab region are advancing where they can, coping where they must, and searching for a future of opportunity, of peace and of prosperity. UNDP supports them in this quest.”

The report closes with a reflection on the future of development in the Arab world. As the world moves quickly towards a post-2015 development agenda, the report argues that the future of development in this region will be one of the most important determinants of progress at the global level.

“UNDP is ready to redouble our efforts with our partners across the Arab world and in the international community to accelerate progress on development,” said Ms. Bahous. “We have been able to achieve results even in a difficult period – but the people of the Arab world need much more.”



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