UNDP and the Government of Japan support removal of debris and rubble in Aden

Jun 9, 2016

Beneficiary registration in Crater including IDPS

Aden – UNDP and the Government of Japan launch the support to the local authorities to remove debris and rubble from Aden City.

According to satellite imagery commissioned by UNDP in 2015 and other partial surveys conducted by humanitarian and development partners across targeted cities in Yemen, Aden is one of most devastation city as a result of the ongoing military conflict in the country, which resulted in accumulation of solid waste and debris estimated at over 350,000 tons. In this conflict it is also estimated that 163 public and private buildings were completely damaged and almost 327 buildings were partial damaged.

In partnership with the Government of Japan, UNDP will work with local authorities to remove 55,000 tons of debris and 22,000 tons of waste that will result in creation of emergency employment thorough cash of work approach for 780 women and youth in the city of Aden. In this connotation, women workers will contribute to school rehabilitation, making school uniforms for children and cooking for project workers. Vocational training in areas related to the reconstruction needs of the city will also be delivered for women, enabling them to move on to more sustainable income-generating opportunities beyond this intervention.

“I felt sharp pain in my heart when I have known that a number of buildings had been damaged and so many debris and rubble were remaining in Aden which I visited in late 2014.  I believe that removing debris and rubble will directly contribute to realizing a revival of secure living environment in all over Aden.” said Katsuyoshi Hayashi, Japanese Ambassador to Yemen.

By removing debris, rubble and solid waste, this emergency 12-month project will improve conditions for public health and ease people’s access and mobility. It will also enable people to resume businesses and to safely returning of displaced persons.

“The project came to support the Cleaning Fund that is still suffering from the conflict. The support from Japan and UNDP is timely in removing debris and solid waste from affected areas in Aden. This will improve cleanliness and hygiene for the people of Aden,” said Salmeen Alwai Ali, Vice General Manager of the Aden Cleaning Fund.

“It is high time to restore essential public services devastated by the war to help common people in Yemen carry on with their lives even as the conflict continues – this is resilience building. UNDP appreciates the cooperation and contribution from the Government and people of Japan to support the Cleaning Fund in removing waste and debris from residential and public areas in Aden. The needs for waste and debris removal and restoration of other public services are enormous around Yemen and more resources are required to meet them.”  Mikiko Tanaka, UNDP Country Director mentioned.

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Farah Abdessamad, Programme Specialist in Sana’a (Mobile: +967 712221959, farah.abdessamad@undp.org),

Fuad Hazaea, Project National Communication and Advocacy Officer, (Mobile: +967 712221686, Fuad.hazaea@undp.org).  

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