Agreement Signature for “Legal Advisory and Alternative Dispute Resolution Community Centers”

Aug 6, 2016

Group Photo-Singning Ceremony-Legal Aid Jordan

Princess Taghrid Institute for Development & Training and UNDP, The United Nations Development Programme in Jordan signed an agreement of cooperation to set up “Legal Advisory and Alternative Dispute Resolution Community Centers” in both Jerash and Irbid governorates. The agreement aims at establishing community centers to provide legal services and alternative dispute resolution through mediation in the host communities for Syrians refugees in the two governorates. The significance of the establishment of such centers ley in enhancing access to justice targeting most vulnerable groups, especially women, amongst the community to enable them to access legal aid and justice.

This agreement comes as a continuation to UNDP Jordan’s efforts and furtherance of its role in providing support to improve access to justice; through working in close collaboration with its partners from governmental and non-governmental institutions to support women empowerment in reaching influential positions and find alternative ways to resolve disputes at the community level.

The partnership will provide an eminent opportunity for Irbid and Jerash to establish qualified and well-trained centers to cope with disputes that can be resolved via community members and practice solutions which can provide support to courts’ role and law enforcement institutions. The project will also provide training targeting women leaders, aiming at providing them with necessary knowledge and skills to manage these centers, following the development of procedure manuals to assess these services. An ambitious step to replicate in other governance.

UNDP Jordan Country Director Dr. Zena Ali Ahmad noted: “This agreement is envisioned to strengthen the role of civil society in providing legal services and dispute alternative resolutions, and aims at supporting the courts’ role at community level in areas where courts suffer from intense increase in registered numbers of law cases. Special emphasis will be on women empowerment to access to justice, particularly in topics related to the Personal Status Law personal family violence.

Princess Taghrid Institute for Development & Training Director General, Dr. Aghadeer Jweihan highlighted the importance of this project to raise awareness among local communities, particularly in the less fortunate areas that who have limited access to legal and social services. Dr. Jweihan also reiterated on the significance of educating women for the society’s development and to enhance social cohesion, through focused training on communication skills aiming at enhancing the implementation of alternative ways for conflict resolution outside the court.s

It’s worth mentioning that this partnership comes under the framework of UNDP project of “mitigating the impact of the Syria Crisis on Jordanian Host Communities".

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