Painting for pupils: Beautifying Mosul’s schools

A dedicated team of residents from Mosul — mostly women — are earning an income by providing almost 200 schools with new desks, colourful murals and luscious plants.  

Reading and rebuilding: Mosul University Library

Mosul University’s Central Library — once a cultural icon — was ravaged by ISIL. But that hasn’t stopped students continuing their love for reading.  

Changing Laws or Changing Mindsets

Across the Arab region, women can be doctors, saving hundreds of lives, managers of companies worth billions of dollars, inventers of life changing products, renowned lawyers, activist, teachers, or…  

A new way of working in crisis

It’s been one year since Somalia declared drought as a national emergency. The large-scale, collective humanitarian response that followed helped keep the country from sliding into famine. And now the…  

A home to return to in Bartela, Iraq

UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS) in Iraq is working with local contractors to restore 2,100 houses in Bartela as part of ongoing stabilization work. Work is almost complete on the badly…  

The Netherlands renews commitment to Stabilization in Iraq

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Iraq, H.E. Matthijs Wolters visited the city of Fallujah today accompanied by senior officials from the United Nations Development Programme’s…  

In Palestine’s first One Stop Centre, women survivors of violence feel safe, protected and empowered

The One Stop Centre that was recently set up in Ramallah as part of a joint UN Women, UNDP and UNICEF programme, is one of a kind. The 24-hour facility provides various services that survivors of…  

A new window of hope in Sudan

“Without consistent, predictable rains, our crops die off or under-produce and it becomes very hard for me to get sufficient food for my children,” says Ismail Rabih, a farmer and resident of…  

House reconstruction begins in Gaza

45-year-old Belal Khalil Sa’adat is the owner of a damaged residence in Beit Hanoun. Sa’adat’s family home is one of the 3,463 non-refugee houses totally destroyed during the 2014 war on Gaza, and is…  

Bolstering self-reliance for refugees and the displaced in Iraq

For Murad, 41, a father of seven, the worst part of being internally displaced was to endure being jobless for more than six months.  

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