The Sub-Regional Response Facility for the Syria Crisis

The protracted nature of the Syria crisis and its impact on development in the sub-region has galvanized an international consensus on the need for a comprehensive approach which focuses on integrating development and humanitarian efforts under the strong leadership of host governments. Our Sub-Regional Response Facility has developed a resilience-based development response to improve sub-regional coordination, enhance cost-effectiveness, and harmonize a comprehensive, multi-country response under the leadership of the governments of Syria’s neighbours– Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt, which all together, accommodate 99 per cent of the 5.6 million refugees resulting from the crisis.


Co-leadership of the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) and custodian of the Resilience Component

In 2015, the Facility, in partnership with UNHCR, was successful in bringing about a major strategic shift in the aid architecture for the Syria crisis with the 2015-2016 Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP), by integrating a resilience component with the humanitarian component. Through the 3RP, UNDP and UNCHR have pioneered an innovative model for delivering a comprehensive and coordinated crisis response which addresses immediate vulnerabilities, strengthens social cohesion, and builds the resilience of people, communities and institutional systems. The 3RP is now in its third year of implementation. Read more  

Research, knowledge generation and policy discussion

The SRF works on research, filling knowledge gaps and policy discussions in a number of key thematic areas ranging from: livelihoods and expanding economic opportunities for refugees and host community members, localization, innovation in the response to the crisis, the role of sub-national and local implementing partners, the state of resilience programming in response to the crisis, and the humanitarian and development nexus.

Innovation and Private Sector Engagement

The facility acts as a hub to test and scale-up creative and innovative practices to the crisis that are ground-breaking, cost-effective and time-efficient. Through the Innovation 4 Crisis Learning Event, that brought together more than 100 stakeholders from across the region and the Compendium on Good and Innovative Practices in the Regional Response to the Syria and Iraq Crisis– Volume 1 and 2 – the SRF is leading the way in collecting and examining data on innovative programmatic tools being implemented by UN and NGO partners in response to the Syria Crisis

The team

Yvonne Helle, Sub-Regional Response Facility Manager (a.i.)

Michael Moroz, Policy and Crisis Coordination Specialist, UNHCR-UNDP Joint Secretariat

Miki Takahashi, Information Management/Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Seema Hunaidi, Communication and Social Media Advisor

Sara Al Zu’bi, Admin and Operations Assistant

Saad Al Khatib, Operations Assistant

Anna Vitkova, Resilience Support Officer

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