Navigation through the wickedness of gender-based violence in Tunisia

Gender-based violence remains a wicked problem. Learn what more could be done, in Nadia BenAmmar’s blog, where she walks us through some key insights and paradoxes of Gender-Based Violence in Tunisia.…  

Hacking into the talent of Egypt’s youth for solutions to water-scarcity

To tap into this rich resource, UNDP Egypt’s Accelerator Lab joined with the International Water Management Institute of the Middle East and North Africa (IWMI MENA) to bring together young innovators…  

Women are expected to keep their mouths shut here in Somalia. But not any more

I really do not care whether men are interested in our stories or not. They are already well provided for by hundreds of other Somali media outlets if their only interest is politics and the endless,…  

Small-scale farming is key to the future of food, but how can we make it more inclusive and more sustainable?

Almost 28 percent of Egypt’s total workforce are involved in the agriculture sector, with the majority making a living from small-scale farms.  

Nothing left for a rainy day as millions of Yemenis suffer

On Saturday, 2 April at 7:00 pm, Yemen began a two-month truce agreed to by the parties of the conflict and brokered by the Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg. And at the same time, the Gulf…  

How is the Arab States region scaling up on climate action?

With the MENA Regional Climate Week taking place in Dubai at the end of the month and Egypt hosting COP27 later this year, climate change is poised to become a top issue in the Arab States region. We…  

Gender Roles and Challenges in Al Hawizeh marshes of Iraq

Today, Al Hawizeh marshes remains one the most vulnerable areas in Iraq. In fact, marshland communities are facing political, socio-economic and security challenges that could adversely impact the…  

Gender inequalities in Beirut’s public spaces - Insights from the area affected by the Beirut Port Blast

The infamous August 4th 2020 Beirut Port Blast has brought into question the city’s planning and problematic decisions that have shaped the city and its socio-spatial construct, including ways in…  

Youth breaking the gender bias: Towards more equal and sustainable future

Unlocking the potential of young women to tackle challenges in their communities and be drivers of inclusive growth, gender equality and sustainable development in the Arab region is highly needed.  

Chapter I: Setting Out on a Journey to Destigmatize and Learn from Jordan’s Informal Economy

Ever walked in a downtown or market area and come across someone selling vegetables on a cart or truck?  

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