Climate, COVID-19 and Planetary Health: A perspective from the Arab States region

A strong connection exists between human health and the health of our planet’s ecosystems. As human pressures on the climate and biosphere accelerate, patterns of disease outbreak and channels of…  

COVID-19 Underscores the Risk of the Digital Divide in the Arab States Region

From the comfort of my home in Beirut, as I connect with colleagues from Amman, New York, Cairo and Dubai, I cannot help but think how much our virtual working space has opened a whole new world of…  

COVID-19: Silencing Yemen’s weapons may help save millions from Coronavirus

Ending the fighting now will allow for a UN-led mediated process to end the war and will help prevent a COVID-19 outbreak in an already tenuous environment.  

Innovating in the COVID-19 response – emerging examples across the Arab States region

Coronavirus has quickly become a truly global challenge, with almost all countries reporting cases and many already contending with the social, economic, and political consequences.  

Grappling with a crisis like no other: the fragility of Arab countries in the face of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is another story. With close to 700,000 number of cases and more than 30,000 number of deaths in 202 countries worldwide, as of March 30, it has officially spread to nearly every…  

When challenging times challenge your ethical self: work, gender and kindness

I am writing this piece without typing any word that starts with “co” and ends with “19”.  

Preparing for the knock-on effects of COVID-19

As the virus spreads rapidly in Africa, a co-ordinated response is required.  

COVID-19 as a governance challenge

As cases rise in Latin America and the Caribbean, countries must prepare to adapt.  

New approaches to tackle a new virus

China offers lessons to the rest of the world as it attempts to contain the spread of COVID-19.  

The struggle for women in politics continues

From suffragettes to modern day feminists, women and men have fought long and hard for women’s right to vote and hold office.  

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