When Solutions are not enough, shift the system

In June 2020, a Facebook group was created by young Tunisian development practitioners. The group served as an open space for those who mostly joined the development field after the Tunisian’s…  

Is good governance a necessary precursor to peace?

Examining the relationship between government performance and sustainable peace.  

Egypt Walk for Inclusion:Access to Assistive Technologies can help millions of Persons with Disabilities to live independently and with dignity

At the foot of the iconic Giza Pyramids in Egypt on 18 December, key Egyptian public figures, Government officials, athletes, and persons with disabilities (PWDs) gathered to participate in Egypt’s…  

Ten years since the Jasmine Revolution: it's time for the Tunisian garden to bloom again

On 17 December 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi, a young itinerant greengrocer, set himself on fire in front of the headquarters of the Governorate of Sidi Bouzid. A highly symbolic sign of despair of a…  

Reimagining Human Development and the Planet

The world has entered a new era of complexity and instability, with atmospheric carbon levels not seen in three million years, onset of the sixth mass extinction in the Earth’s history, growing…  

Syrian Spectacles: Start of the Search for Scalable Socioeconomic Solutions

Why? Why is it that in the midst of the worst economic crisis, you still find Syrians sharing their daily sustenance with those in need? Why is it that despite the conflict, you still find Syrians…  

Stories from the Future of Climate in Iraq

The elements of nature imagined the future of Iraq, a land located between two rivers in Western Asia.  

How women are fighting corruption in Iraq

Established by UNDP, the Women against Corruption Forum in Iraq is the first of its kind in the country. Member of the Forum, Maria Al-Fattousi from Muthanna Governorate shares her experience on how…  

Understanding what data tell us about COVID-19’s socio-economic impact

Hard-won pathways to peace and prosperity are being reversed in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.  

Saving Lives by Breathing Life Back into the Ports of Yemen

My dad was a sea Captain for 40 years, navigating the world’s ports from Lagos to Caracas.  

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