Design Thinking Methodology: Experimenting Local Solutions in Iraq

Experimentation is an infinite learning journey saturated with ambiguity, fear, and risk, while it is also coupled with excitement to test the innovative solutions. At the UNDP Accelerator Lab in…  

How Sherlock Holmes would have handled Covid-19

It doesn’t take a system thinker to point out that the pandemic has impacted every aspect of people’s lives, but it does take a system thinker to make sense of the underlying complexity of these…  

The role of entrepreneurs in tackling climate change

Do we know enough about the Sustainable Development Goals and in particular, the effects of "Climate change"? How can we respond to it? The UNDP YLP 6 in Iraq searched for an answer to this question.  

What the battle against COVID-19 means for ‎democratic governance progress in Libya

Every year, the International Day of Democracy conjures up thoughts of the values of freedom, respect for human rights, and the principle of holding periodic and genuine elections by universal…  

Signals spark strategic direction: COVID-19 Pandemic uncovers new opportunities for education in Iraq

We see opportunities during COVID-19 pandemic, we are not just daydreaming, we are learning to explore these opportunities and make them reality.  

COVID-19 ravages an already desperate Yemen

When COVID-19 began sweeping the globe in March, I found myself travelling outside Yemen where I have worked since 2016. With the airports in the region quickly closing, I did everything in my power…  

Accompanying the Lebanese people along their recovery journey

The explosion in the port on August 4 continues to shake the lives of people in Beirut and across Lebanon.  

Learning from the past for a better future: Lebanon’s anti-corruption movement

There has not been a time in Lebanon when anti-corruption was a nationwide demand and a necessity for the preservation and development of the country as is the case today, especially in the aftermath…  

COVID-19 in a Country at War: How YECRP Helps Yemenis Maintain Resilience and Prepare for Recovery

Since the conflict broke out in March 2015, over 3.6 million people have been displaced; one-third of whom live in overcrowded camps and informal settlements that struggle with proper sanitation.  

Young Iraqis, the key to sustainable Peace

Since 2017, nine Iraqi Universities have been engaged in advancing capacities for Peace Education, through developing curricula for their own academic programs, capacity-building, and in the field of…  

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