Water and Work: YECRP’s Approach to Addressing Climate-Induced Water Shortages

In a country regularly characterised by its arid to hyper-arid climate, Yemen’s vulnerable, war-affected communities face the additional challenge of climate-induced water shortages.  

What is beyond recognising the informal waste sector?

When I visited the Tripoli landfills for the first time, Masoud Tantoush, Tripoli’s management and recycling public company founder, looked at me and said: “these mountains of waste are treasures.”…  

Localized approach to the SDGs critical to fulfilling the promise of inclusive development

Considering varying realities in different territories, including ages and gender is also crucial. In Egypt, at country level, 16% of the youth population is illiterate. But when data is…  

For an equitable recovery from COVID-19, the key is to listen to women

Women across the Arab States region want and deserve an equal future free from violence and conflict; a future that is inclusive, sustainable and peaceful, with equal rights for all. To get there,…  

Aliss in Wonderland: The diary of an Acc Lab Supervisor

My journey supervising the new funky bunch started when I first arrived in Tunisia country office at the end of 2019. We were all new and disoriented... well, for different reasons! I must…  

Deep Demonstration: Generative mechanisms of exploring trust in UNDP Tunisia

UNDP Tunisia has been on a journey of exploring and making sense of trust dynamics in Tunisia within the framework of the UNDP’s Deep Demo initiative and with the support of the Chôra Foundation.  

Decoding the mystical terms of innovation

As UNDP Egypt Accelerator Lab’s journey kicks off, our mission is to be a fast-learning network on sustainable development challenges and catalysts for change.  

Fighting Stereotypes: Woman Engineer Presence in Libya

When people ask me ‘Why did you chose engineering as a profession?’ I recall that period on my life when I was deciding which career path to pursue.  

Experimenting with digital tools to engage, collect, and share information in times of COVID-19

In the video below the Head of Experimentation at UNDP Accelerator Lab, Lebanon, Vrouyr, shares the learning from the last six months Experimenting with a different form of presentation, the video…  

COVID-19 prompts renewed focus on unpaid care work and gender equality

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, countless reports have been published on the increase in incidents of the burden of unpaid care work on women globally.  

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