Finding local solutions through the power of words and communication patterns

As people, we think and act uniquely, and when it comes to words, we express things differently depending on the way we coexist and interact with our surroundings. The Accelerator Lab has been working…  

Empowering women in business in unstable times

Raa’idat Competition encourages women to develop and grow their own enterprises. Despite the financial stress and anxiety resulting from the outbreak of Coronavirus in Iraq.  

To build back, women must be included in decision making

Recent newspaper articles have remarked that the governments that have dealt well with the COVID- 19 pandemic, sare those that have women in key positions.  

The fight against COVID-19: rebuilding a better Sudan

A recent UN report highlights the impacts of COVID-19 on Sudan’s frail economy and society. Though the pandemic adds to the transition’s challenges, it provides an opportunity to shape a robust…  

Innovative solutions to stop biodiversity threats in Libya

Every 5th of June since 1974 the world celebrates the International Environment Day. The United Nations family seizes the occasion to raise awareness of pollution, climate change, and sustainable…  

Why young people are a critical resource in the fight against a pandemic

Iraqi youth unite to find sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues during the COVID-19 pandemic  

Averting further devastation in Yemen through rapid socio-economic response

Linking the health and socio-economic response in Yemen.  

How can data help fight a health crisis?

As the fight against COVID-19 continues across the world, the critical role that contact tracing must play, has become strikingly evident.  

The "land between two rivers" adapts to its most recent challenge

Iraq has struggled with many challenges in recent decades; the emergence of a pandemic has added a new layer of complexity to its recovery.  

The G20 in virtual reality

The 2020 G20 Leaders’ Summit will be hosted in Riyadh, marking the first time the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosts this annual event. ​ The theme for 2020 is “Realizing Opportunities of the 21st Century…  

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