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Statement by UNDP Administrator on the explosions in Beirut

Our hearts go out to the people of Lebanon and we send our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones in the explosions in Beirut.  

Supporting COVID-19 Prevention through Soap Production

For most Yemenis, purchasing food is a daily struggle, much less purchasing basic hygiene needs like soap. This is causing many war-torn, rural communities to struggle to protect themselves from…  

How to rebuild trust with Communities in ‎Sebha even in times of COVID-19‎

When the threat of the Coronavirus outbreak arose in Libya, authorities took a set of decisions to tackle it in all regions and cities of the country.  

Six Years After Sinjar Massacre, Support and Services are Vital for Returning Yazidis

Sinjar is a district in northern Iraq’s Ninewa Governorate; it was once home to an estimated 420,000 individuals representing diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds 1 . It is widely known as the…  

The Learning Waves of Climate Change Status-Quo in Iraq

The UNDP Accelerator Lab team is committed to laying down the methodologies to investigate the environmental challenges in today’s world  

Empowering Communities to Lead COVID-19 Fight

With about half of its health facilities defunct due to the protracted war, Yemen is expected to see one of the worst COVID-19 pandemic scenarios in the world. Already considered the world’s largest…  

Telling a different story — Somali Storytellers are bringing messages of hope during the Covid-19 pandemic

“When I came home to Somalia from Canada six years ago, I was expecting to find a hopeless, war-torn country,” says Zahra. “That’s all you see in the media. But reality’s much more complicated.  

The smile behind the mask

As Somalia comes to terms with life during the pandemic, people are starting to wear masks but can face abuse or criticism when they do.  

League of Arab States, Government of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme Hold Roundtable on COVID-19 in the Arab Region

As the world is met by the unprecedented challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, countries in the Arab region are facing multiple crises spanning a wide range of sectors.  

Protecting communities from COVID-19: Canada commits funds to tackle growing pandemic in Iraq

The Government of Canada has contributed US$1.85 million to support the Government of Iraq’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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