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Reimagining Human Development and the Planet

The world has entered a new era of complexity and instability, with atmospheric carbon levels not seen in three million years, onset of the sixth mass extinction in the Earth’s history, growing…  

Climate, COVID-19 and Planetary Health: A perspective from the Arab States region

A strong connection exists between human health and the health of our planet’s ecosystems. As human pressures on the climate and biosphere accelerate, patterns of disease outbreak and channels of…  

Designing for water sustainability in one of the world's driest regions

On World Water Day we look at how UNDP is working with countries in the Arab region to create sustainable water supplies.  

Closing the green finance gap

Climate finance has emerged as one of the greatest opportunities for Arab states to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Climate Change and the Rise of Poverty

Today over 2 billion people, or one third of the global population, are poor or near-poor and face persistent vulnerabilities, including from climate change  

Decarbonizing Development in the Middle East

This week sees commencement of the 24th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24)  

Algeria’s Parks Embracing Cultural and Ecological Diversity

The 14th Conference of the Parties (COP14) to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is being convened in Egypt 13-29 November 2018, with more than 190 countries reviewing the rapid decline…  

Ecosystems for Peace

This month countries from around the world gather in Egypt for the 14th Conference of the Parties (COP-14) under the UN Biodiversity Convention. While important success stories have emerged over the…  

Green Finance and Partnerships to Accelerate SDG Achievement

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent our most ambitious development agenda ever, setting the vision, framework and targets for the transition to a sustainable and resilient society  

Solar solutions for displaced communities

The Arab region is experiencing one of the most dramatic periods of change in its history - with an escalation of conflict, a dramatic rise in poverty, and the emergence of more than 20 million…  

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