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From single point solution to systems change

“The Development Agenda before us calls for radical behavior change. To then deliver sustainable development solutions we need to be tectonic and consider the basics of human cognition, the ability to…  

It felt like a ‘rain of terror’. There was no safe place in the whole of the Gaza Strip

Sitting on my balcony, looking out into the beautiful deep blue sea as I sip my Arabic coffee, I could be in a luxury resort on the Mediterranean coast. Only, this is Gaza. And only a few days ago, we…  

World Environment Day: How a $65m investment in the environment supports the economy, communities, and security

Investing in protecting the environment isn’t just the right thing to do. With much of Sudan’s economy and employment relying on our natural resources, the smart choice is investing in sustainable use…  

Workplace 2.0: Codesigning the new UNDP Lebanon offices

In Lebanon, the political and health crises of the last two years have been an opportunity to pause and reflect on how we work at UNDP Lebanon and where.  

“I want my old normal life back” my son said.

In a moment of tranquillity, and while preparing the one and only meal I can prepare on a daily basis for my family, my son and I were in the kitchen when he grabbed my hand and said “Mom, I like my…  

Chapter 1: How can ‘deep demo’ products help us better learn about development challenges.

Tunisia is part of a first cohort of UNDP Country Offices involved in a comprehensive exercise of designing a development portfolio, one of development options. The principle focus of this portfolio…  

Mapping our Household Waste: Trash or Treasure?

Accelerator Lab Syria is now on a mission to understand the recycling scene in Syria with a focus on the household recycling practices  

Shaping the Future of Education in Iraq through Collective Intelligence

“How do you call online learning real learning? Learning usually happens in the classroom under the direct guidance and supervision of instructors!” This is a rhetorical question we have heard for…  

UNDP Lebanon’s youth communities experiment with crowdsourcing a healthier internet

The UNDP Accelerator Labs Network is collaborating with the Healthy Internet Project, incubated at TED  

Together with people, government, private sector, and civil society … literally: Reflecting on our launch activities

This official launch wasn’t an item on our onboarding checklist. It was an intended opportunity to engage with the ecosystem, acknowledge our presence, and open room for inspiration, synergies, and…  

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