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Assesing the Impact of War on Development in Yemen

The study is intended to advocate to the parties to the conflict on the consequences of the conflict on medium- and long-term development, as recovery to the pre-conflict levels would require two to…  

Perspectives on SDG-based Resilience Planning in the Arab Region

This paper, shows many post conflict countries in the world, including in the Arab Region (e.g.Somalia, Iraq, Sudan) have already started to use the SDGs as a framework to align their national…  

Innovation for Crisis

‘Innovation’ has been the buzzword of the decade, often overused and at times misunderstood. In business, politics and academia, innovation has become the preferred term to talk about new, different…  

Arab Human Development Report Research Paper

Citizenship is a multidimensional concept and dynamic process emerging from interactions, negotiations and contestations within the state and society. In the Arab region, evolving state-society…  

Assessing the impact of war on development in Yemen

Assessing the impact of war on development in Yemen  

Launch of ‘Localised resilience in action: Responding to the Regional Syria Crisis’

Amman, Jordan – The UNHCR-UNDP Regional Joint Secretariat is proud to announce the launch of its new report, ‘Localised resilience in action: responding to the regional Syria crisis’, an in-depth…  

Localised Resilience in Action: Responding to the Regional Syria Crisis (February 2019)

While localisation is not an entirely new concept, the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016 included several commitments reinforcing the need to respect and support the role of national and local actors.  

UNDP Yemen Fast Facts

Since 2015, escalating armed conflict has dramatically worsened Yemen’s chronic poverty and fragility, creating a crisis of unprecedented magnitude in what was already the poorest country in the Arab…  

Developing a social cohesion index for the Arab region

The sociopolitical context of the Arab region before the 2011 uprisings was extensively documented in a series of in-depth reports by the United Nations.  

Regional UNDG Social Protection Working Group Paper

Social protection strongly features in the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan!  

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