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Celebrate Eid at Home

The International Organization for Migration, the United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Children’s Fund, UN Office for Project Services, United Nations Population Fund and UN World Food…  

Living together in Peace

Two years since Iraq’s liberation from ISIL, notions of peace, conflict and reconciliation take centre stage at universities across the country.  

Celebrating International Day of Families

This year, we celebrate International Day Of Families during the unfolding of an unprecedented global health crisis. It is the families who bear the brunt of this crisis, sheltering their members from…  

A Libyan entrepreneur’s online platform delivers supplies during the COVID-19 lockdown and the ongoing conflict

Like many other countries in the world, Libya imposed emergency lockdown measures, enforcing closure of all public spaces and a curfew in an attempt to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus…  

Youth empowered: Young people in Iraq discourage domestic violence during COVID-19

When UNDP Iraq consulted with Iraqi youth on how they would like to affect social change in Iraq, their priority was clear.  

Tunisian Local Security Committees help communities cope with COVID-19

Like many other countries across the world, Tunisia swiftly introduced preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 infections, enforcing a strict population lockdown, among other arrangements  

Soap makers clean up in Sudan’s COVID-19 response

COVID-19 has placed unprecedented global pressure on essential health supplies, putting the most vulnerable at risk of ‘missing out’. In Sudan, this means hundreds of thousands in Khartoum’s poorest…  

Somali National Army takes part in the fight against coronavirus

Whenever a national disaster occurs, the country’s army plays a huge role in rescue operations and in protecting the Somali people.  

Finding virtual solutions: UNDP Iraq provides psychosocial support to Iraqi women during COVID-19 pandemic

Nations around the world have documented an increase in domestic violence following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Movement restrictions and government-mandated social distancing have confined…  

Supporting Yemeni families affected by Aden floods

UNDP and our partner’s flood interventions were desperately needed in Aden and helped a suffering community maintain vital services, avoid diseases, and restore a little hope.  

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