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Legal aid is a lifeline to domestic violence victims: Alaa steps up to get a fresh start in life

In a small beauty salon, Alaa, a 49-year-old woman from Gaza starts her day by making sure that everything is on point before opening hours — hair dryers in place, towels clean, make up organized and…  

Restoring Yemen’s Schools to Safe Havens

There was a chapter in Yemen’s protracted conflict when the schools of Ad Dhalie Governorate in southern Yemen were caught in the line of fire, the walls becoming battlefield shields instead of…  

The Role of innovative local solutions in strengthening Iraq’s green economy

The concept of Green Economy is on the rise in Iraq. The UNDP-Accelerator Lab in Iraq is supporting this move through sensing, exploring, and mapping innovative local solutions to facilitate the shift…  

The art of self expression: Supporting Somali women to tell their own stories

UNDP is working with the Somali Arts Foundation to combine women’s poetry, photography and filmmaking in powerful online and offline exhibitions  

Somali women poets: speaking up and speaking out

UNDP’s Home of Somali Poetry initiative gives a new platform to women writers and celebrates their work in an annual award  

The light goes on - and it's an led

2021 in Review: Climate ambition accelerates across the Arab States

Many countries in Arab States are already living the impacts of climate change.  

“No form of violence will ever be ok”

To mark the end of 16 Days of Activism, women from Iraq speak up about gender-based violence.  

A Palette of Women Creativity & Economic Empowerment

“A painting that really inspires me is this one,” said Ghada El Khoury, pointing to a drawing of a woman gazing at her own reflection in the window.  

JoDealz Accelerating the Online World

As convenience becomes more important in our fast-paced society, consumer needs in online shopping are increasing while the need for quick offline shopping is expanding. JoDealz tries to meet both the…  

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