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Women’s Empowerment and the Sustainable Development Goals

It is a pleasure to be with you here in Kuwait and to join the discussion on achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls across the Arab States region – and, in particular, to explore…  

Kuwait Energy Outlook

Kuwait is one of the world’s top ten oil producers and holds the sixth largest proven oil reserves in the world.  

Decarbonizing Development in the Middle East

This week sees commencement of the 24th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24)  

The SDGs and Human Rights

The universal periodic review (UPR) is a state-driven mechanism of the human rights council (HRC) aimed at improving the human rights situation on the ground of each of the 193 united nations (UN)…  

14–19 December 2016: UNDP Youth Leadership Programme 2 Regional Workshop: “Youth Action for the 2030 Agenda”

The Ministry of Youth in Kuwait in partnership with UNDP Kuwait and UNDP RBAS will convene the regional workshop on “Youth Action for the 2030 Agenda” in the Arab region from 27th of November till 1st…  

Mapping of Climate Change Threats and Human Development Impacts in the Arab Region

The aim of this report is to present a comprehensive desk review and mapping exercise for an overview of the impact of climate change on the Arab region. The report is based on existing literature…  

Kuwait - National Millennium Development Goals Report

The report of 2010 is in line with the conclusion of the previous two reports where Kuwait is capable of achieving the MDGs by the designated date of 2015.  

Arab MDG Progress Reports

According to the Third Arab Report on the MDGs (AMDGR) for 2010, the Arab region continues to be characterized by sharp disparities between the different sub-regions, particularly between the…  

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