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New agreement between UNDP and Union for the Mediterranean strengthens peace and prosperity across key regions

Climate action, economic integration and support for women and youth are some of the key areas of partnership under a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed today between the Union for the…  

2021 Somali Poetry Award winners

Winners were announced today for the annual Home of Somali Poetry Awards run by the Home of Somali Poetry initiative (Hoyga Maansada Soomaaliyeed) with support from the United Nations Development…  

UNDP Horn of Africa leadership strengthens ties across borders

The first UNDP Horn of Africa Resident Representatives forum closed today with commitments on strengthening development ties across borders through support for joint analysis, planning and action.  

UNDP supports Somali delegation to take part in COP 26

This year’s UN Climate Change Conference, known as COP 26, is a pivotal moment in the world’s efforts to fight climate change.  

Greening Somalia

With funding from the GEF and support from UNDP, nature-based climate actions are building a climate-resilient future for the people of Puntland.  

Can poetry bring peace?

The Home of Somali Poetry aims to find out — and promote Somali culture in the process  

“Home of Somali Poetry” initiative launches with Somali Poetry Archive and Somali Poetry Awards

Today sees the birth of a new cultural initiative in Somalia: the Home of Somali Poetry (Hoyga Maansada Soomaaliyeed), which brings together Somali poets and poetry enthusiasts to promote Somali…  

Turning Puntland green by stopping erosion

UNDP helps camel herders in Puntland protect their land and livestock from soil erosion and flash floods  

One behaviour at a time: Redesigning entrepreneurship pathways in the Arab States

In June this year, António Guterres declared that behavioural science was ‘a critical tool for the UN to progress on its mandate’. UNDP’s Regional Innovation Team in the Arab States, a long-running…  

Solar light makes night-time births safer in Somaliland

By providing solar power to rural clinics, Japan and UNDP are helping to bring down sky-high mortality rates  

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