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Telling a different story — Somali Storytellers are bringing messages of hope during the Covid-19 pandemic

“When I came home to Somalia from Canada six years ago, I was expecting to find a hopeless, war-torn country,” says Zahra. “That’s all you see in the media. But reality’s much more complicated.  

The smile behind the mask

As Somalia comes to terms with life during the pandemic, people are starting to wear masks but can face abuse or criticism when they do.  

Tapping into the talent of local innovators to ‘hack’ the challenges of COVID-19 in Somalia

With a health infrastructure devastated by decades of war and with dangerously low levels of public awareness about how to avoid infection, Somalia faces incalculable damage to its people and…  

Somalia’s emergency call centre boosts health response in the fight against COVID-19

If you feel sick or need advice on COVID-19 in Somalia, all you have to do is call 449 – the government’s toll-free hotline set up to offer fast, effective access to emergency health support.  

11-year-old boy wins US$1,000 in Somali-language COVID-19 video competition

The winners of a two-month Somali-language COVID-19 video competition were finally revealed online today, with the US$1,000 first prize going to a short video on some of the best ways to avoid…  

Naciima Abwaan Qorane's latest poem tackles the danger of COVID-19

Naciima Abwaan Qorane, a peace activist and poet, has become one of the top supporters of UNDP’s campaign against the spread of COVID-19 in Somalia.  

Somali National Army takes part in the fight against coronavirus

Whenever a national disaster occurs, the country’s army plays a huge role in rescue operations and in protecting the Somali people.  

Being on our “best behaviour” – how to use behavioural insights to design more effective responses to Covid-19

A nudge, in the words of Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, is “any aspect of the choice architecture that alters people's behaviour in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly…  

Communications to Slow the Virus in Somalia

UNDP takes to the streets and airwaves to fight the virus and misinformation As COVID-19 spread closer to Somalia, our communications team aimed to slow the spread while others prepared to deal with…  

New Somali WhatsApp Chatbot Helps in the Fight against COVID-19

It was mid-March and COVID-19 had not yet reached Somalia, but Hafsa and Mathieu were already talking about the inevitable outbreak to come, as well as the many cases of infection in Somali…  

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