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Women are expected to keep their mouths shut here in Somalia. But not any more

I really do not care whether men are interested in our stories or not. They are already well provided for by hundreds of other Somali media outlets if their only interest is politics and the endless,…  

Somalia’s first all-women media team puts women journalists in control of the news agenda

Somalia’s first-ever all-women media unit launches today, providing a space where women media professionals can work with real decision-making authority and free from harassment.  

Climate finance is the lifeline Somalia needs to build a resilient future

In recent years, Somalia has worked to carve a climate-resilient path forward. But success depends on international financial support.  

A journey to climate justice: Five women beating climate change in the Arab region

Advancing gender equality amidst the climate crisis is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century, particularly in the Arab region, one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to…  

How to improve justice for women in Somalia

A safer Somalia means more women on the force, in the judiciary and even in the dock  

The art of self expression: Supporting Somali women to tell their own stories

UNDP is working with the Somali Arts Foundation to combine women’s poetry, photography and filmmaking in powerful online and offline exhibitions  

Somali women poets: speaking up and speaking out

UNDP’s Home of Somali Poetry initiative gives a new platform to women writers and celebrates their work in an annual award  

2021 in Review: Climate ambition accelerates across the Arab States

Many countries in Arab States are already living the impacts of climate change.  

Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights

How UNDP is working to leave no one behind in the Arab region.  

New agreement between UNDP and Union for the Mediterranean strengthens peace and prosperity across key regions

Climate action, economic integration and support for women and youth are some of the key areas of partnership under a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed today between the Union for the…  

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