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World Environment Day: How a $65m investment in the environment supports the economy, communities, and security

Investing in protecting the environment isn’t just the right thing to do. With much of Sudan’s economy and employment relying on our natural resources, the smart choice is investing in sustainable use…  

Key national parks in Sudan receive increased protection & support for improved management

Ahead of World Environment Day, a US$23.6m initiative to improve protection for three national parks in Sudan has been announced by the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources (HCENR),…  

Flood disaster needs and recovery asessment report released

This week, the Government of Sudan in collaboration with the United Nations and the World Bank, launched a report highlighting the impact of 2020’s floods on development sectors of Sudan, and…  

Japan contributes US$4.22m to help stabilize communities in Sudan

KHARTOUM: In line with the priorities of Sudan’s Transitional Government and the mandate of the UN Integrated Transitional Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), the Government of Japan has committed…  

Fighting COVID-19’s Third Wave in Sudan: PPE Supply, Getting Agriculture Back on Track & Building Back Better

Although vaccination efforts are underway, COVID-19 cases continue to slowly rise in Sudan, adding pressure to a fragile healthcare system and economy. Livelihoods have been interrupted in urban and…  

Looking through a single lens can distort how we view the Arab Spring

Inequality shapes citizens’ views over whether their country has improved and so a deeper dive is needed to understand where the region stands  

Applying behavioural science to support the prevention of violent extremism: experiences and lessons learned

This pioneering knowledge product provides step-by-step suggestions for practitioners who are looking for ways to make use of findings from the behavioural sciences to address violent extremism…  

Localized approach to the SDGs critical to fulfilling the promise of inclusive development

Considering varying realities in different territories, including ages and gender is also crucial. In Egypt, at country level, 16% of the youth population is illiterate. But when data is…  

Health centre rehabilitated, mobile clinics deployed, to support East Sudan’s refugee crisis

With the crisis in East Sudan continuing, UNDP is exploring longer-term solutions to support in-need refugees, and vulnerable local host communities  

Improving energy access in East Sudan’s refugee crisis

As the refugee crisis in East Sudan continues, UNDP is investing in longer-term solutions to support those in-need and already vulnerable local host communities  

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