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Japan and UNDP Sign Agreement in Support of Resilience for Communities Affected by Crisis in Syria

New York - The Regional Bureau for Arab States of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed today an agreement with Japan to expand efforts to strengthen resilience of communities…  

Innovation for Crisis

‘Innovation’ has been the buzzword of the decade, often overused and at times misunderstood. In business, politics and academia, innovation has become the preferred term to talk about new, different…  

In Brussels, donors pledge US$7 billion for Syrians and countries in the region

Brussels - Delegates to a conference co-hosted by the European Union and United Nations in Brussels pledged some US$ 7 billion to efforts to reach 21.2 million affected people inside Syria and in…  

UNDP Administrator Ministerial Conference on Syria in Brussel

In addition to the immediate humanitarian needs that my colleagues Mark Lowcock and Fillippo Grandi will have highlighted, Syrians are increasingly challenged in their day to day life by limited…  

United Nations calls for sustained support to Syrians and the region ahead of Brussels conference

On the eve of the foreign ministers’ meeting at the third Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, three UN Principals today warned that the Syria crisis is not yet over…  

UNDP Administrator on Syria Conference in Brussels

Civil society organizations are playing critical roles inresponse to the Syria crisis, both inside Syria and in neighboring countries.  

Launch of ‘Localised resilience in action: Responding to the Regional Syria Crisis’

Amman, Jordan – The UNHCR-UNDP Regional Joint Secretariat is proud to announce the launch of its new report, ‘Localised resilience in action: responding to the regional Syria crisis’, an in-depth…  

Localised Resilience in Action: Responding to the Regional Syria Crisis (February 2019)

While localisation is not an entirely new concept, the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016 included several commitments reinforcing the need to respect and support the role of national and local actors.  

This is the Colour of Innovation, a podcast on innovation brought to you by the United Nations Development Programme. Innovation for development is about disrupting the way things work, or don’t  

'Invisible' women; when home is not a sanctuary

The challenges women and girls face in returning to their communities after being associated with extremist groups.  

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