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Cash-for-work: Helping Bring Hope while Sustaining Human Dignity

Malekah received YER 370,000 (€ 358) for her work, spending her income on construction materials, supporting household expenses, and caring for her newest baby.  

Supporting the Vulnerable and Diminishing the Threat of Hunger

To support war-impacted communities and lift thousands of Yemeni families out of extreme poverty and unemployment, the European Union has funded the Social Protection for Community Resilience Project…  

Applying behavioural science to support the prevention of violent extremism: experiences and lessons learned

This pioneering knowledge product provides step-by-step suggestions for practitioners who are looking for ways to make use of findings from the behavioural sciences to address violent extremism…  

Fighting the Fear: Clearing Mines from Yemen’s Rural Communities

“Mines were inside homes, behind walls, inside bathrooms, everywhere,” describes Ali, 70.  

Innovating in Hodeidah: Finding Solutions for 350 Tons of Daily Solid Waste

To clean up the streets of the city, between May and December 2019, UNDP employed nearly 6,100 people: 3,650 from the local community and 2,450 from the District Cleaning Fund (DCF). Approximately…  

Water and Work: YECRP’s Approach to Addressing Climate-Induced Water Shortages

In a country regularly characterised by its arid to hyper-arid climate, Yemen’s vulnerable, war-affected communities face the additional challenge of climate-induced water shortages.  

Water, the Foundation of Life and Success

Water is the foundation of life and for Mohammed, 64, water is also the foundation for his successful business.  

Sustaining Life in Dire Circumstances: Providing Clean Water to Yemen’s Villages

“Each day I have to leave my young children alone at home while I make the six-hour journey to collect water. Even if I could afford to buy it from a delivery truck, they couldn’t reach my house…  

YECRP: Lifting Women From Poverty Through Livestock Projects in Yemen

The YECRP project offers self-sufficiency to families in a country with looming famine.  

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