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Yemen’s beekeeping and honey production

Beekeeping and honey production are ancient crafts. The history of Yemeni beekeeping – a traditional profession that serves as a source of income for thousands of Yemeni families across the country –…  

Small-scale farming is key to the future of food, but how can we make it more inclusive and more sustainable?

Almost 28 percent of Egypt’s total workforce are involved in the agriculture sector, with the majority making a living from small-scale farms.  

From organic waste to food security: Building on nature-based frugal innovations

With the increased prices and shortage of Agriculture inputs (Fodder, fertilizers), farmers are using frugal and nature-based solutions to address the challenge. Accelerator lab Syria is working with…  

Workplace 2.0: Codesigning the new UNDP Lebanon offices

In Lebanon, the political and health crises of the last two years have been an opportunity to pause and reflect on how we work at UNDP Lebanon and where.  

Mapping our Household Waste: Trash or Treasure?

Accelerator Lab Syria is now on a mission to understand the recycling scene in Syria with a focus on the household recycling practices  

Building Forward an Inclusive and Accessible Lebanon

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) launched today a new initiative and call to support persons with…  

Innovative solutions to stop biodiversity threats in Libya

Every 5th of June since 1974 the world celebrates the International Environment Day. The United Nations family seizes the occasion to raise awareness of pollution, climate change, and sustainable…  

The "land between two rivers" adapts to its most recent challenge

Iraq has struggled with many challenges in recent decades; the emergence of a pandemic has added a new layer of complexity to its recovery.  

#Q8vsCovid19 Hackathon - Kuwait hacks the crisis

The Hackathon “Kuwait hacks the crisis” has included professionals from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) registered in Kuwait. Within less than a month, two business solutions have been disgend to…  

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