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Greening Somalia

With funding from the GEF and support from UNDP, nature-based climate actions are building a climate-resilient future for the people of Puntland.  

New Era of Mapping Digital Local Solutions to Tackle Development Challenges in Iraq by UNDP Accelerator Lab

Humans have continuously developed means to adapt, progress, and face daily challenges. Today, we call these means “technology”, and we use it daily to communicate, learn, work, and connect to the…  

A new era: With ambitious climate goals, Iraq sets itself on a new path

At its height in 2014, the Islamic State occupied large swathes of Iraq. Shops and factories closed; fields dried up. Towns and cities were left in ruins by fighting and airstrikes. 5.8 million people…  

Mapping our Household Waste: Trash or Treasure?

Accelerator Lab Syria is now on a mission to understand the recycling scene in Syria with a focus on the household recycling practices  

UNDP Syria’s Green Team Pilots Green Energy for the Country Office

“Look at that,” our technical engineer said, standing proudly on the roof of the Damascus Country Office building, surveying the newly installed solar collectors. “Now we’re feeding the national…  

Climate-Proofing Lebanon's Development Plans

In order to effectively achieve Lebanon’s updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), avoiding locking in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions through infrastructure and development plans is a…  

Women in the Arab region: agents of change on climate action, stabilization and peacebuilding

On March 10, UNDP conducted a virtual webinar on “Climate change, human security and women’s leadership in the Arab States” to mark International Women’s Day in the region.  

Innovating in Hodeidah: Finding Solutions for 350 Tons of Daily Solid Waste

To clean up the streets of the city, between May and December 2019, UNDP employed nearly 6,100 people: 3,650 from the local community and 2,450 from the District Cleaning Fund (DCF). Approximately…  

International Women’s Day Climate change, human security, and women’s leadership in the Arab States

SDG Climate Facility: Climate Action for Human Security project is organizing a webinar to celebrate International Women’s Day. The webinar “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a…  

Baseline Study - ERRY II

The overall objective of the Baseline study is to understand the livelihoods situation of people in terms of the five capitals (Social, Physical, Natural, Human, And Financial) among the targeted…  

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