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Cash-for-work: Helping Bring Hope while Sustaining Human Dignity

Malekah received YER 370,000 (€ 358) for her work, spending her income on construction materials, supporting household expenses, and caring for her newest baby.  

Supporting the Vulnerable and Diminishing the Threat of Hunger

To support war-impacted communities and lift thousands of Yemeni families out of extreme poverty and unemployment, the European Union has funded the Social Protection for Community Resilience Project…  

Innovating in Hodeidah: Finding Solutions for 350 Tons of Daily Solid Waste

To clean up the streets of the city, between May and December 2019, UNDP employed nearly 6,100 people: 3,650 from the local community and 2,450 from the District Cleaning Fund (DCF). Approximately…  

Lamia, Student and Working Woman

Challenges bring out the best in us and push us to the limit so we know of what we are capable. Once we figure our strength, the journey to achieve begins.  

Investing in hope in Yemen cannot wait

Today, Yemen is the world’s worst human crisis, especially with a looming wide-scale famine.  

UNDP and Japan launch New Project to Improve Yemen's Fisheries

Aden, Yemen: 16 February 2021 – The Government of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched a new project today aimed at building the resilience of local fishing communities…  

Building Sustainable Businesses in Conflict Effected Communities

Aden, Yemen – With funding from the Government of Japan, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) concluded a major project milestone this week when the distribution of 170 financial grants to…  

Baseline Study - ERRY II

The overall objective of the Baseline study is to understand the livelihoods situation of people in terms of the five capitals (Social, Physical, Natural, Human, And Financial) among the targeted…  

Discovering Beyond the Known During 2020: Innovative Approaches from UNDP Accelerator Lab in Iraq

Humans have existed on earth for millions of years, adapting quickly to different circumstances and crises to sustain mankind. The coronavirus pandemic further tested our adaptability to new…  

Farmers in Jezzine Harvest a Fruitful Intervention

UNDP’s support to the farmers of Jezzine was initiated in 2018 in the form of an integrated intervention that included the establishment of an apple sorting facility, cold storage rooms, and an…  

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