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Eco-Stone: an innovative approach to turning waste into bricks

Mohammed Abu Shahla, Shaimaa Al Qassas and Ali Al Shawwf, three engineering students met at a local competition in Gaza and introduced their idea of turning waste into bricks. This next generation of…  

Beyond the emergency response: A neighborhood approach to recovery in the area affected by the Beirut blast

Walking through the streets of the area affected by the Beirut blast, a curious stranger might struggle to find traces of the explosion: frontages shine with lively colors, glass windows look crystal…  

Newly Rehabilitated Bridges Re-Link Anbaris

How UNDP is rebuilding key bridges to re-link the residents of Anbar  

Japan and UNDP open centre at the Jericho Agro-industrial Park to promote trade & create jobs

H.E. Toshimitsu MOTEGI, Foreign Minister of Japan, and H.E. Khaled Al-Osaily, Minister of National Economy, opened today the Palestinian Business and Prosperity Centre at the Jericho Agro-industrial…  

From single point solution to systems change

“The Development Agenda before us calls for radical behavior change. To then deliver sustainable development solutions we need to be tectonic and consider the basics of human cognition, the ability to…  

New Era of Mapping Digital Local Solutions to Tackle Development Challenges in Iraq by UNDP Accelerator Lab

Humans have continuously developed means to adapt, progress, and face daily challenges. Today, we call these means “technology”, and we use it daily to communicate, learn, work, and connect to the…  

Workplace 2.0: Codesigning the new UNDP Lebanon offices

In Lebanon, the political and health crises of the last two years have been an opportunity to pause and reflect on how we work at UNDP Lebanon and where.  

Shaping the Future of Education in Iraq through Collective Intelligence

“How do you call online learning real learning? Learning usually happens in the classroom under the direct guidance and supervision of instructors!” This is a rhetorical question we have heard for…  

UNDP joins Telecom Egypt’s ‘1 Million Free Consultations’ for Egyptians in cooperation with Altibbi

Digital technology is enabling rapid responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and widening people’s access to digital solutions.  

UNDP launches Assistive Technology Incubation Programme to support PWDs in Egypt

The Assistive Technology Incubation Programme was launched through a call for submissions, opening the door for registrations and calling on Egyptian companies to submit their prototypes of proposed…  

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